Thursday, February 14, 2013

What a Valentine Morning

I woke up to the face of a bright eyed toddler, happily lounging in the bed beside me. This soon turned into howls as he needed me to get up and join the world. I could hear the other two were already awake and playing. I tried to lay in the bed for a few more minutes, soaking in this much needed time, but then realized it just wasn't going to happen. Caleb wanted his cup and he always refuses to let anyone else get it in the morning. Well, don't I feel special. After getting dressed, I went to make my special Valentine breakfast for the kids. However, half the ingredients were still waiting for me in the store after an "I want to ride, no walk, no hold me" episode yesterday. I'll improvise. The kids helped me make heart shaped pancakes, and red scrambled eggs, which looked more like they were from a horror movie than for Valentine's Day, and sausage. During our breakfast fix up, Caleb declared his love with a 30 minute opera piece on how he wants me to hold on to him forever. I'm about to burn the pancakes. I finally got breakfast on the table and took a few good snaps with the phone to post. I'm getting ready to post my pictures and there are none. Blank. Maybe because I have 733/733 pictures on my phone. Seriously, who came up with that idea to limit my photography studio time? Who uses the phone to actually talk anyway? Well, we're off to storytime and of course, we're late.