Wednesday, February 6, 2013

StoryTime And The Brown Mom

As usual, we were scrambling through the house trying to get everything ready to go. It's Wednesday.  Storytime at the library. Caleb absolutely loves storytime and so do I.  There are puppet shows, songs, art activities, toys and a whole room filled with playmates.  A toddler's dream.  It's also another opportunity for me to get out of the house and have a "real conversation."

We arrived at the library, late as usual.  I haven't been on time for anything since Caleb was born.  I keep asking God to help me with this; however, I think he keeps putting more obstacles into my mornings to see if I'm up for the challenge.  We made a quick trip to the potty and then headed to the storytime room.  Opening the door, I wasn't suprised to see the room was already filled.  It usually is.  Though, what was more suprising, there were more black moms in the room today.  There were three more... other than me.  Yay!  I wasn't the only one today.  Two of them I already knew from storytime.  Though, like me, we are not always regular.  For one reason or another.  I am working on that too.  Don't get me wrong, all of the moms are great.  They are freindly and we often engage in conversation.  However, when you are the only chocolate chip in a bowl of vanilla ice cream, you start feeling a little.... cold.  It kind of makes me wish that there was a least one person in the room who looked like me.

We took a seat on the floor and listened to the play.  Caleb really enjoyed it when he wasn't hiding from that groundhog puppet. After the puppet show we did an art activity, a masterpiece only he could create. It looked nothing like the demo one, but it wouldn't.  He's one.  Embrace the individuality.  As he trotted off to play with the others kids, I chatted up with some of the other moms about...our kids.

But why wasn't the room equally filled with little girls with afro puffs and beads and little boys with braids and low fades?   Where were all the black moms?  Besides, not only is storytime educational but it's FREE. WIN, WIN.  Maybe there will be more chocolate chips  in the bowl next week.  Until then.