Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Look At My Electric Bill After Turning Off The Air

Last month during my frugal September post, I talked about some ways that I would be trying to incorporate more frugal habits into our lifestyle to save money and get out of debt.  One way that I hadn't anticipated but went through with was cutting our AC/Heating unit off. 

We actually didn't cut it off the entire month but more like half of the month.  One day it was just too hot.  The heat carried on through the night and the fans didn't seem to be helping at all.  Neither one of us wanted to be the one to turn it back on because we really wanted to see how long we could go (I'm always up for a challenge and the hubby is just competitive) and we were afraid the temps might change back cooler.   We were also afraid that if it stayed hot, the bill might skyrocket to cool the house back off again.  However, after failing to cool off, we turned it back on anyway.

And without fail, the temperature dropped like the next day and it has stayed cool since. 

So here's our light bill.

The first line is the current billing period, second is last month, and last line is the same period a year ago.  There is a big difference in the usage.  What was even more surprising to me was that the light bill was lower than it was a year ago.  This ruled out some of my other theories on why it had dropped.

My previous light bill was $228.93 and this one is $122.33. 

That's a difference of 106.60 for turning the unit off for about two and half weeks.  Thank you, Lord!
The unit is currently on now, but I'm going to turn it off again. The look of my electric bill was just too much motivation, even if it's just 1./2 of the month.  Although, I'm sure since the temperatures have dropped with the season, we can go longer without cutting it back on, before it starts to get cold.
What's the longest amount of time you've gone without turning on your AC/Heating unit?