Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Self Care: Honey Mask

I've been trying to do better with finding time for self care lately.  So today in my "free time" during nap, I decided to sneak in a little skin therapy with a honey mask before the work begins.

I searched some recipes and found one where I had all the ingredients plus it had "calming" in the title.  So that had to be the  right one.  

You'll need
 2 tablespoons of honey
2 teaspoons of cinnamon 
Fresh lemon juice
Heat honey in the microwave.  Then add in the cinnamon and lemon juice.  I cut them in fourths and used one.

Apply to face.  
What? Not a good look?
I also put some on my neck. I tend to have a problem with picking at hair on my neck and irritating my skin. 

Wait 15 minutes.  

Rinse.  I rinsed with warm water, patted dry, and added a little moisturizer (Neutrogena Naturals).

Why do I look so surprised? Probably because I managed to get an unrushed shower in, a fresh face, kind of dressed, took my hair loose and plus feeling kind of energized. Surprised myself.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Recipes: Creamy Pork Chops With Roasted Potatoes And Carrots

Here's a simple dinner recipe that I love, creamy pork chops with ranch potatoes and carrots. I love roasted potatoes and the carrots were delicious with this meal. 

First, I took a family pack of pork chops, an onion and bell pepper to start.  I like to season the meat with a little garlic salt and seasoning salt.  Then, slice some bell peppers and onions on top.  

Then, I like to add some good ole cream of mushroom soup on top.  Cream of mushroom soup is the best. It can work a little magic on some of everything. I added the whole can too.

Cover with foil and place in the oven for about 40 minutes.

I planned to cook potatoes with this meal. So I got about 6 or 7 red potatoes and cut them up.

I was trying to make sure to use up my produce so it didn't die in the fridge so I decided to cook these carrots too.  I used the whole bag.

Next, get some extra virgin olive oil and ranch seasoning packets.

I used about a 1/4 cup of oil and 1 and a 1/2 packs of the ranch seasoning since I had a lot of carrots and potatoes. I like to mix it well in a bowl first before transferring to the pan.

Cooking depends on how many potatoes you have.  I cooked mine for 40 minutes to make sure my potatoes were tender.

Now, dinner is served!

Monday, April 10, 2017

DIY Easter Themed Bento Lunches and a Bunny Breakfast

Packing lunches has always been a fun and creative outlet for me.  I've always loved surprising the kids by creating fun things for them to find inside of their lunchboxes.  Here are a few lunches that are just in time for Easter and Spring.

Simple cookie cutters automatically turn sandwiches into fun creations. 

This is one version of our diy lunchable.  The baby chick cheese and turkey were made with little stamp cutters that I found at Walmart.  They come in a set of 4 springy characters.
Have you ever heard of Wilton food markers?  They are perfect for drawing on food and making little creations like this fun Easter egg.  You can let your kids use them too to decorate their own lunches.  Our last Easter touch is adding a plastic egg with a few sweet treats inside.  I think we added fruit snacks and marshmallows.

Here we used the little stamps again, but this time it is the Easter egg.  They made cute little mini sandwiches.  A bunny egg mold also helped transform our boiled egg.

"Some bunny loves you!"  Now "The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane" is not an Easter book, but it happened to be our read aloud at the time.  So we did a lunch that related to the book which happened to be about a bunny and I just think bunny cheese is great.  I found those bunny pics at the Dollar tree packaged with the cupcake liners. 

Another colorful and fun decorated Easter egg with some Spring flower power here.

"You are egg-cellent."  I love to leave little messages for the kids to read.  I used to get kind of carried away when Caleb was smaller because I used to forget that he couldn't actually read.  LOL!  Someone usually helped him read it though.

And a bunny Easter breakfast is sure to put a smile on any kid's face!  Pancakes with bacon ears, string cheese whiskers and mouth, a raspberry nose, blueberry eyes and a scrambled egg tie makes this an extra special bunny friend for your littles in the mornings.

Do you enjoy packing lunches too?  Click here for more lunch packing ideas.  Oh, and don't forget Easter gifts and crafts.

I hope you enjoyed this post!

XOXO Miranda

Easter Jars Gift Idea

Easter is almost here!  Here is one of my favorite Easter gift ideas instead of baskets.  Easter Jars!  I don't know about y'all, but our house has been overrun by stuff.  One year, I just decided that I didn't want to do Easter baskets at all. What toys were my kids going to get in the basket that they didn't already have at home anyway...likely buried underneath something?  If your house is being overrun by tons and tons of stuff and you would just rather not deal with it all, Easter jars are a simple AND frugal idea.  They are perfect, too, for the kids that are growing out of the toys and just want treats anyway!

Aren't these just too cute?!  Not only can you make Easter jars for your kids, you can make them as gifts for others too.  We made these jars one year for the teachers.  They are filled with M&Ms, colorful Easter grass, and a chocolate bunny.  The yellow ribbon adds cute Spring touch.

 The jars can also serve as part of your holiday d├ęcor and an easy storage solution when empty.

These were the jars that I made for kids that year.  I kind of went with a bunny theme by adding bunny fruit snacks and crackers to go along with their chocolate bunnies.

We used smaller jars here being that stores were sold out of the bigger ones.  They were still just as cute with the little chubby bunnies in.

In these jars, I added some bunny peeps and a little "nest egg" to give the kids some spending money.  You can't go wrong with treats and cash, right?  These are perfect for kids who don't really play with much anyway or just like to buy things on their own.

I love how colorful the jars are!  Easter jars are still one of my favorite gifts to date.  What do you think about Easter jars?

Saturday, April 8, 2017

St Patty's Day Fun

 Another holiday has come and gone...and I'm finally getting a post up. lol This means more fun things to do! Whoop! Whoop!  Here are some ways we celebrated St. Patty's day.

Every kid loves a good game.  So why not have a little rainbow treasure hunt? We had a race just to make it more fun.  The kids get a bucket and see who can collect the colors of the rainbow the fastest.  AJ cheated once and got a pack of crayons.  So we obviously had to set some rules in place.

Then we made "rainbow necklaces" using Froot Loops and yarn.  Caleb started out putting his cereal in order of the rainbow.  Then, decided it was faster to just put them on.  He became obsessed with seeing how long he could make his necklace. This is a good "Keep ' em busy" activity and it practices fine motor skills for smaller tots.


What would you do if you found a pot of Gold?  Good question and writing prompt. 
We used some coins for Caleb to put a sentence in the correct order.  Then, we talked about how precious we were to Jesus and how we are worth more than gold to Him.  Then, I asked him to write one thing that he liked about himself.  Afterwards, I had all the kids name something that they liked about themselves and one thing they liked about each other.   I'm just trying to slick remind them that they do love eachother.  Lol.  Maybe it will come back to their remembrance when they are fighting. I grabbed these little coins from Hobby Lobby to use in our activities.  We used them in site word matching.  I called out a site word, and he used them to cover that site word.


We also used the coins for the twins to practice their fine motor skills.  We had these stacking cups that already had a slit in them to use.  However,  you can use an oatmeal container or box with a slit cut in the top.


Rainbow pancakes were on the breakfast  menu.   Since, we woke up late and missed the bus, somebody got to help make them too.  Of course, lucky charms made the menu too.

Tip:  I have a wanderer in the mornings.   Sometimes a small activity on the table helps to keep a little wanderer still and occupied.


Caitlyn loves art.  For Halloween, she was Jackson Pollock, an American drip/splatter artist. About a month ago, the movie "Pollock" came on tv and I let her watch the parts where he was creating his paintings.  They have created small splatter paintings on regular paper before, so I decided to buy some canvases to let them make bigger ones.  I figured they might look "rainbowy."  However, they got too excited with the paint and pretty much mixed it all up until they had an almost solid blackish canvas. Lol

I haven't been regularly packing lunches because you know ...end of the school year...
However,  we did do these kind of St. Patty's themed lunches.


Well, on to Easter!


Friday, March 31, 2017

Hits And Misses Of The Dressing Room

Trying on clothes is one of my favorite and least favorite things to do.  You know it starts out good and excited.  Then you start trying on clothes and get disappointed....but it looked so cute on the mannequin....the perfectly shaped thin mannequin. 

Well, after some weight loss after the twins, I needed to get some clothes that kind of fit.  I had already said that I would slowly revamp my wardrobe and throw out some old things.  So I had two excuses to go shopping.

On one of my trips, I went to TJMAX. This lime colored skirt caught my eye.  I thought it'd be perfect to mix with some bright colors for spring and summer.  Plus, i could wear it to church too. Well, it fit.  Size 12.  We're 1 and 0. One item in the bag.

Now, I was kind of confused by these pants when I saw them on the rack.  Were they pants, a dress, did they wrap, have splits.  However,  I still thought they were pretty cute on the hanger.  Fast forward to the dressing room and I didn't think so.  They just looked weird on me. 1 and 1.

I love dresses.  They automatically make me dressed up with little to no effort. So I've been in a "buy all the dresses" mood lately. I absolutely loved the color.  I'm not sure what my color is, but this green worked. This dress is a large, although, I wondered how a medium would fit.  The kids are outside this door on a bench here, so I knew taking the time to go back out wasn't going to happen. I decided to buy the large. 2 and 1.

And here is this dress in action. I wore it to church, pair with a flower headpiece, and untamed natural hair. (I hadn't done anything to my hair in a few days and it just naturally shrinks up.)  Honey, you couldn't tell me that I wasn't a goddess this day. Just wait until I get me some muscles. Lol

Next up was this cute black jumpsuit.  I was particularly drawn to the wide legs. I like the swaying movement.  It fit pretty good as a size large, but I didn't get it.  To be honest, I already have a black jumper.  It is sleeveless, all black with a more fitted leg. I really tried to justify the need for another one, but decided I'd rather buy something that wasn't too similar to something I already owned...unless I get rid of it. 2 and 2

On another occasion,  I went into Belk's.  I pick shopping locations primarily based on how easy I can get our monster stroller through the doors, around the store, and changing rooms if necessary.  I haven't been to several stores I used to go to for this very reason.

Now this was just too cute on the mannequin.  I had already envisioned myself wearing it and looking fabulous.  Insert pageant wave.  This dress was going to be so cute this summer but I tried it on and looked like somebody's grandma.  And you know how you try to fix your hair hoping the clothes look better...It didn't help.  This was also sized a large, but I assume I must have needed a medium in this style.  Again, too much time to go get another one. 2 and 3

This crown and Ivory jumper was glorious!  Look how it has worked wonders already.  I immediately look put together and these days I need something to easily make me look put together.  I had no problem adding this to the checklist to take home. 3 and 3

Now, this is what happens when I try on these type of dresses.  My belly.  I have lost a good bit of weight, but that belly is still a work in progress.  This is with no type of shapewear on so a good underneath piece would probably help smooth that out.  However, I really just want to try my best and loose, loose, loose that belly.  So back on the rack it went.  3 and 4.

This white pant suit was everything!  It was just what I was looking for to wear to Pastor's Anniversary at church.  I'm not sure what the brand was, but this was the softest and smoothest pant suit ever.  I needed this.  Well, kind of.  Ok, I really wanted it.  However, two things stopped me from walking out of the store with it.

1.  That price tag.  Every now and then I splurge on something to wear, but it was hard to splurge on this one.  The pants, the jacket plus tax would run me a good $200. That's too much in my price is right voice.

2.  Keeping it clean.  See those two tiny humans in the fitting room with me.  Notice, the one already clenching on to the pants screaming?  How in Jesus name would this suit stay clean with 1 year old twins.  I barely wear white shirts, let alone a whole suit.  Would the stains come out?  Would I be mad if they didn't?  Heck yeah! As much as I loved this, it was best for my wallet and my mind to leave this suit here.  However, if it every goes on sale and I go to a kid free place... lol

Well, I was pretty happy with my shopping trip.  I did leave the store with a few things to step my style up and try to keep me from being frumpy mommy.  It is so easy to fall into especially when you are wearing workout clothes most days because you have to fit it in whenever.. and you likely won't have time to shower anyway.  Let's be real.

Cheers to trying to loose weight, get fit and look great!

On to the next adventure.