Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Space Theme Week

A few weeks ago, the kids went to vacation bible school at one of the local churches.  It is one we visit every year, and the kids always have a great time.  The theme was "The God of the Universe."  Because I just love to teach something, I decided that we'd carry the theme on at home and the discuss the planets.

I think I've mentioned that I'm a bit of an educational hoarder.  So most of the time, I usually have a variety of materials already at home.  So here's what we had

1.  Book - My Race Into Space -  This is a cute rhyming story of a little boy and his dog who would like to travel to space.  They discuss everything that they'd see with characteristics of each planet.

2.  Video - The Magic School bus - Space Adventures - I've always loved everything about Mrs. Frizzle and her class adventures. Science is always extra cool and exciting with her.  There are actually 3 different videos on this one, but I'm actually considering purchasing the entire Magic schoolbus series.

3.  Stink - Solar System Hero -  Judy Moody's little brother is obsessed with Pluto and is so upset when he finds out it's not considered a planet anymore.  

We used the things I had to launch our space investigations plus did some research on the Internet.  Cate worked on a PowerPoint presentation as we went along.  We researched one to two planets a day.

I decided to let the kids paint the different planets as we studied about them.  I had some old gift boxes that were kind of damaged so I decided to make those their canvases. 

I love how they turned out.  For now, they're just hanging.   However, I think I'm going to frame them later.