Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Review: Arbonne Essentials Energy Fitz Sticks


The other week, I was contacted by an Arbonne representative and asked to try some of their products to see how I would like them.  I have heard of Arbonne before, but as I mentioned in my Fitness Friday Post, I wasn't aware that they had an Arbonne Essentials line focusing on health and fitness.

The representative I met with was very nice, friendly and likable.  Unlike, some that are trying to sell you something or get you to try something and they are very pushy (persistent) and almost completely annoying.

So, last week I tried the Arbonne Essentials Energy Fitz in the citrus flavor.  It is just like one of those little packets that you put into a bottled water. 

I opened the packet and, like any other water flavoring, I just dumped it right into the water bottle.  Despite the packet saying fitz, I didn't expect it to actually fitz.  It was like a mini explosion when baking soda and vinegar meet.  Therefore, I spilled some of it on the table.  Though I wasted some, the flavor was still very good.  

Now the product says it "helps promote alertness and enhance cognitive performance and also help promote endurance and enhance motor performance."  It is "recommended for helping to provide a boost of energy and increase metabolism."  It also says it is a "great alternative to coffee in the morning."

Well, I could use a boost all day long, especially now that summer's here.  However, I don't drink coffee nor have I ever, and I've never taken 5 hour energy or any of those type products to boost energy, so I did not have anything to compare it to.

First, I sipped from the bottle for a bit and I drank the rest of the bottle probably within the next 15 -20 minutes. 

It worked! 

I was surprised, but I had a real boost of energy.  If you've been following me on Facebook, you might remember that my kids have been sick all that week: fever in the night and up half the night.  So, I was already tired.  I had planned on cleaning the house to keep whatever germs that may be in here at bay, anyway.  Well, I was like Lynnette Scavo (Desperate Housewives) after she had taken her "magic pill." 

I had vacuumed, dusted and picked up toys out of both living rooms, cleaned the whole bathroom ( I mean scrubbed from top to bottom), made my way to the kitchen and cleaned up nearly everything ( I usually wait until the next morning, if I'm really lazy), put up and folded laundry ,and then somehow managed to do the Hers workout from Fitness Friday and an additional arm workout.  I felt like Superwoman.  I honestly felt like I still had energy left to do something else.  I just wasn't tired and if I was, that drink had sure fooled my mind and body because I really didn't feel it. 

I need to order that stuff by the case!

So in my opinion, the product worked and did exactly what it claimed.

They are a little pricey in my opinion.  (because I'm on a mission to massively eliminate our debt in three years.)  They come in packs of 20 for $32.  The ingredients consist of green tea, ginseng, guarana, and B vitamins. 

However, I would consider buying them.  Hope this helps anyone considering the product.