Friday, April 19, 2013

It's Been A Wacky Week

Well, I've been running around like a plucked chicken all week.   My car has managed to cross 5 county lines in 4 days-all at the last minute, my hair had managed to turn into a happy to be nappy nightmare, and my wardrobe...please.  I must have been working out 24 hours a day nearly everyday.  The kids had managed to get man handled by the one year old, wandering helplessly into the living room in tears while I'm trying to talk to the PASTOR.  Going anywhere has been a hassle - stopping for 15 potty breaks along the way then being succumb to blood curdling screeches from a toddler who is kindly introducing me to the pre-stages of the terrible twos.  Isn't it odd how kids can be so amazingly sweet and innocent one minute and be a miniature little devil the next.  I used to be annoyed that I didn't see myself in my kids, they don't look like me either.  But sure enough when they go into a rage, I think "there it is."  Karma. 

It's just been one of those chaotic, don't have time to anything, but have so much to do weeks. Well, wait, that sounds like most weeks, but this one was worse.  The funniest series of events had to be Thursday.  Well, it wasn't that funny then, more like completely and utterly annoying and draining

The day started out as usual.   We went for our mile and quarter walk at the track, that's all I can get in before the tot gets restless in his sweet chariot.  I had a few morning errands to run and needed to go by the bank.  Once I parked in the lot, I couldn't remember what time it opened.  I decided to call my husband and, while waiting, I let Caleb out of his seat.   He started playing with the clock in the car and changed the time not to mention my phone was already reading 12:20. I had no idea what time it was until I called the husband. It was 9:20 and the bank doesn't open until 10. Well, I'm not waiting.  My mom calls during this time and needs me to bring her up here.   I would have to go down there- to her house, come back,  take her back home then come back home. Did I mention she is 45 minutes away and this would be my second trip this week. Okay, ma I'm coming. I go home until the bank opens and plan to feed Caleb, pay bills, clean up and take a shower. An hour later ma calls, "Where are you." 

 Home and unaware that I was supposed to leave immediately.

"You hadn't left yet.  The place closes at 3:30." Okay, ma. I hadn't even went to the bank yet. Caleb is done eating has to potty. Not even close to being finished cleaning up.  Shower?  Nope.  No time.  So among the chaos of getting from one task to the next, I threw on a t shirt over the tank and we headed out the door.  On my way there, ma called me four more times. 

1.  Where are you.  2.  Hung up too fast.   3.I didn't answer  4. Got her friend to call me.

The message -You don't have to come.  I'm half way there!    I pulled over and called her in which she told me to come on.  I finally made it down there exhausted from the track this morning and having not eaten anything yet.  I felt like I was going to drop.   And you know what?  After all that calling, you would think she was ready to go.  My mama answered the door in a house coat/robe.  Really?  And then, she no longer needed to come up here.  GA$.  We went to two places in town and that lasted two hours.  I would have to floor it to get back to pick the kids up from school on time.  And on top that, they've been remodeling all the apartments where my mom lives and, just yesterday, yesterday now, they said they would have to move.  By the end of the month.  Less than two weeks away.  Really?  So where are we going. (In my Dora voice)  Oh, you guessed it.  Mama's coming home with us.  No doubt I love her, she's great, helpful, interactive, but mama has her way and I have mine.  My mom is a mix of a toned down Madea and Sally Field (Brothers and Sisters).  Remodeling started 4 months ago. 

Welcome to Everybody Loves Raymond Miranda.   This should be very interesting.
(This is only part of the day, but because the post is so long, I'll spare you.) 
Fitness Friday will be with you shortly or sometime in the middle of night.  We'll see.