Sunday, July 24, 2016

Back To School Giveaway Year 6!

We have this little nonprofit that focuses on empowering and encouraging our youth- Open Heart Outreach Inc.  For the past 6 years, we've been having a back to school giveaway to provide youth in the community with free school supplies.

To make this happen, my partners and I are like deal stalkers.  We are constantly trying to find the best deals on everything in order to get the most supplies for our money.  We want to help as many kids as possible.  We also received some donations from some wonderful people to help purchase supplies.

We made sure to hit up Walmart when they put the supplies out.  I semi turned this into a homeschool math lesson for Caleb. Lol

OfficeMax had some great penny deals too! They get sold out really fast so you have to get there really early.  We managed to make it in one Sunday right when they were opening.  However, there was still a line outside when we pulled up.  We got a few good deals though.


We ended up being able to bless 80 kids ranging from prek to high school with free back to school supplies!  We do believe even more would have showed up, but there were several different things going on that day.

Nonetheless, we are very proud and thankful to everyone that came out, participated, everyone who donated funds and school supplies.  We are already planning for year 7!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Fellow Couponers - A Few Deals This Week

If you have hung in here over the years through my various cell phone and technology trials, you might remember that I am couponer.  I did manage to have a decent stockpile while I was pregnant to keep from buying anything.  However, it is looking kind of pitiful.  So I'm back it!

Here are a few deals that I've scored this week.  All of these coupons are from the p&g insert from the 7/3 Sunday paper.

At Walmart:

You can get pods for $1.47 a bag this week!  The febreeze are 12 count, but some of the other bags are 16 count.


Mouthwash for 4.79
Use (1) 1.50 off coupon
Pay 3.29 tax
Get $3 back in extra care bucks
Limit 2 deals per card

Deal #3 - Tampax pearl and Always Infinity
Sale 3.99 each
Use (4) $2 off tampax coupons
Use (4) $2 off always coupons
I also used $6 in extra care bucks
Paid 9.92 2.23 tax = 12.15
Get back $10 in extra care bucks
So about 2.15 for 8 boxes or about 27 cent a box!!

Hope you enjoyed these deals!  Here's to saving money and breaking the chains of financial bondage!