Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Afterschool Homeschooling: Pet Theme

A long time I used to write about the weekly activities that I'd do with my then littlest child
I titled them "Toddlertivities."  Well, Caleb is in Kindergarten now, but we still do lots of activities and themes at home when we can to go along with what he's learning in school.

Occasionally,  I do activities for the older ones too.  So now, we're just going to call it "afterschool Homeschooling."  If you don't know, I kind of a closet homeschooler. Lol

So one of the recent themes we've done is pets.  I picked this theme myself as the kids were returning to school and reviewing.   Here's some of the activities we did.

We read some different books about possible  pets and how we take care of them. We also sorted who could be a pet.  I know this answer varies depending on who you ask. We also did some writing and stamping of some different pets.

Then one day as I was reorganizing the bookcase, I decided to turn the bookcase into a pet store/adoption center.   Since we were practicing counting quarters, some of the animals cost different quarter amounts for him to count out.    I also pretended to be the guest at the store and would tell him the type of pet I was looking for.  For example,  I'd say I wanted a pet that was quiet, kind of small, and I didn't have to do much to take care of it.

On the weekend, we watched "The Secret Life of Pets" and had "doggy bags" filled with hot dogs, fries, chips, and fruit snacks.  I also had Caleb draw a picture of a pet that he would like and write about it.  

Horses say nay.  Horses get exercise. 

To include the older two, I had Cate write me a persuasive argument on why she should have a pet.  This topic of conversation stays flowing up in here. Lol.  Then, I had AJ pick a pet and research how much it would probably cost us to have one.

Our trips to the animal shelter and pet store were canceled due to rain, but I think it was still a good week.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Fun School Lunch Ideas

I love packing school lunches.  It's one of my favorite school centered things to do other than activities.  I compiled a small sample of a few lunches that we've made this year and some past favorites.  I also have this very wild obsession with lunch containers!  I kind of have a collection of them of several different brands!  So here's some sample lunches to make lunch more interesting, colorful and fun to eat!

Lunch containers: lunchbots

Thermos - from Target
We like to put chicken nuggets, strips, mini corn dogs, meatballs and spaghetti in them.  My two smaller kids were not allowed to use the microwave in elementary school so we used the thermos sometimes when they didn't want school lunch.

I picked this lunch container up from TJ Max.  It's called a lock and lock.  I love to make a themed lunches.  I've always been creative and trying to do themes just brings a bit of a challenge and fun.

This is a kid's bentgo- leak proof

This container is a goodbyn.  They come in different styles and colors.

The red one is a goodbyn and the clear one is easylunchboxes.

This smaller blue container was bought from allthingsforsale.com
Tip:  Cake decorating markers make things interesting and educational.  Here Mr. Caleb has site words written on his marshmallows. 

DIY lunchable

The dressing does stay put and does not spill over the lunch in this kids bentgo.

This lunch was made for Miss Caitlyn as we went to pick her up from summer camp.

Fish themed lunch

Frozen themed lunch - It was a challenge, but I had to try for my Elsa fanatic.

Red was the color of the week in this lunch made for Caleb.

Because AJ played afterschool sports, I always packed extra snacks in his lunch so he'd have something to eat before practice.

Hope you enjoyed these lunches and hope you try some.....if you have the patience.  I know the lunch thing is not everybody's thing, but it's one that I love!

Thanks for dropping by!