Saturday, October 21, 2017

Not So Spooky Halloween Food and Lunchbox Ideas!

Fall is my absolute favorite season.  The clothes, the decorations, the the crafts and activities, the crisp air and crunchy leaves...I love every single thing about the idea of Fall.  Every single thing except for the fact that it's still 200 degrees in south Georgia (when I started this post)  Fall has finally somewhat arrived. We're where it's cold in the morning, 90 degrees in the day, and back down to 40 degrees at night.  That's the south for ya. I took the babies for a run the other day, prior to our Fall weather greeting, and I was sweating before we started.   So it was taking me a while to get into the Fall mood and I hadn't even begin to make some of the lovely freaky Fall food for the littles.  Say that three times fast. 

So to encourage my Fall mood and to give you guys some fun ideas, I've pulled together some of the fun foods we've been making and some made in years past for Halloween! 

Today, my littlest monsters were all happily giggling and making lots of messes helping in the kitchen.  Never mind my little Halloween sign back there.  I opened it up and it was missing an A.  I keep saying that I'm going to let Caleb color me one, but I haven't.  I think it fits in with the chaos around here anyway.  We are making little ghost and jackolantern cakes here.

Ghost Sandwiches!
Cookie cutters are your best friends for making quick and fun treats for any occasion.  I pulled out the ghost cookie cutter and some raisins and turned our ordinary sandwiches into fun creations.

Jack-o-lantern Blueberry Muffins!
Holiday food molds are another favorite of mine.  They come in a lot of different forms and designs and I would love to have them all!  However, the way my account set up.....
Therefore, the trick to these is buying them after the holiday when they are on clearance, preferably 75% off or more.  I always go in and check the holiday clearance for things that I want but would rather not pay full price for.

Mummy Dogs!
The kids will love these!  They are just as fun for them to make as they are to eat.  Cut up dough/crescent strips and wrap hot dogs in.  Bake and add candy eyeballs for fun.

Candy Corn Fruit cups!
Now I'm not going to say I like candy corn because I believe it belongs in the trash.  Note that one glass on the table with Recess pieces!  Layer pineapples, mandarin oranges and whip cream in a cup.  Add candy corn for decoration and you're all set.

Pumpkin Pancakes!
Again cookie cutters here made breakfast just a tad bit better.  Raisin eyes, a candy nose, and a sausage mouth pulled this pumpkin breakfast together.

Love how Caleb added whipped cream eyebrows here.

Silly Face Tacos for Taco Tuesday?
Yes!  Use candy eyes, a food marker to draw a mouth, and arrange the cheese for hair!  I love these.  They are almost too cute to eat.  You could always replace the eyes with something else.

Cinnamon Roll Pumpkins!
Make a pack of cinnamon rolls as usual.  Use food coloring to change your icing.  Add raisins for a face and we used a spinach leaf up top.  We can pretend that makes this healthy. 

Owl Toast!
Now, I discovered these a while back and decided that I had to give them a try.  Variations of fruit make the horns, wings, nose and eyes.  Cereal makes the little feat.hers at the bottom.  I can't wait to make these for the twins.  I can just see their facial expressions.  They probably won't eat it at all and throw it on the floor. lol

Halloween Hot Chocolate Station
Since we have finally been blessed with some cooler temps, hot chocolate is back on the menu.  Our little station usually consists of a few snacks and different little goodies to put in the hot chocolate.

This is this year's station. 

These little ghost and jack-o-lantern cakes are what the littles were cooking in the first pic.  We had little cakes and hot cocoa tonight.  If you saw my Instastory, you might remember my epic fail on these. lol

Spider-Man Waffles
If you have a Spider-Man fan, then they are going to love these!  First, you can find these waffles at Walmart.  They are Eggo brand and berry flavored.  I cut grapes in half to make a spider for the "web."  Cut the tops off strawberries and add icing for the eyes.  It's easier to outline with black icing first, then fill with the white.

Ghost Marshmallows
Use marshmallow bags to stuff marshmallows in.  Then, draw a face on the outside of the bag.  We gave these out as preschool favors one year.

Ghost Cheese
Same concept here just with cheese sticks.

Pumpkin Patch Breakfast
Mini pancakes on a scrambled egg vine technically counts as a pumpkin patch, right?  Use food markers to make faces and pick away!

Witch Hats
We have a mini Halloween party every year and I like to deck the table out.  However, the rest of my party pics are somewhere in a sea of many. lol  So here's witch hats!  These are made from those fudge cookies that are just turned over and a Hershey's kiss.  Use peanut butter as your glue.

Fall and Halloween Lunch Ideas
As you already know, I love packing lunches and I love challenging myself to make themed lunches. I also love the look of excitement on little faces as they open their lunch boxes.  I'm only doing them now for Caleb as the other too have outgrown them.  However, they still think it's kind of cool.  #winning  So Caleb and the twins will be showered with my creative side in the meantime.

One of the easiest ways to make a lunch more festive is by adding a Halloween napkin.  Add a lot of the methods from above to give your lunches a holiday makeover.  Holiday molds, cookie cutters, food markers, candy eyes easily transform lunches.

For more school lunches, click here.

Create silly or spooky faces with sandwiches.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Afterschool Homeschooling - Week 3

Hello everyone!  I'm getting this post done as fast as I can being that the twins have finally taken a nap. lol  This past week, Caleb's class was learning about magnets in science so I decided to build on that.  We have magnets at home so I knew that'd be easy for me to do. 

So here's one of our first activities.  We cut up some pipe cleaners and put them in a plastic container, like the Crystal light kind.  I gave him a small magnet and a bigger one for him to try and pick up pipe cleaners through the container.  Then we switched containers and added them to a glass jar and did the same thing.  He said he was able to pick up more pipe cleaners through the glass than through the plastic.


The twins were determined to get in on this too.  They climbed into a chair to investigate.  Cason saw Caleb hold the magnet on top of the jar and he was trying to copy to see what happens.  If you follow me on Instagram @cuddleskissesnchaos, you probably saw a video of Cason screaming over the magnets.

We also watched two videos on YouTube over magnets and magnetism.  Then, I created a little "fill in the blank" type sheet for Caleb to do.

So... What is magnetic?

I dumped some beads and string out of this Melissa and Doug box and filled it with some random things around the house for him to test.  You can get these big red and blue magnets are from the Dollar Tree.  I think the smaller ones came as a prize from some school fundraiser years ago.  I can't really remember, but they probably sell them somewhere too.

We did this one Friday or Saturday night.  The whole house was kind of in on this one.  I found this experiment on YouTube and decided it would be fun for the kids to do.  We got three different liquids to see how magnets respond through liquids. 
We put three paper clips in each jar.  I had them make predictions on what they thought would happen and/or how the paper clips would move through each liquid.  Then, we tested them.  The paper clips moved quickly through the water and oil, but slowly through the corn syrup.  We talked about why that was.  This became a messy sticky experiment for us.  We have impatient and quick pouring people over here. 

Ice cream addition

To make math facts more fun, I decided to make little ice cream cones.  Who doesn't love ice cream?  These were just drawn and cut out of the construction paper.  I think I should laminate them because they are just too cute (in my opinion).

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you can use some of these activities with your little ones!