Thursday, March 7, 2013

False Prophet?

AJ - Ma, I can't breate in the bathroom.
Oh Lord.
Me - What?
AJ - I can't breathe in the bathroom.
He can't breathe in the bathroom but he can breathe everywhere else in the house?
Me - Why can't you breathe in the bathroom?
AJ - I don't know

My child has a habit of developing imaginary "sicknesses" every morning. It's always something. I have almost refrained from showing him any real attention and have put on my best Doc McStuffins performance. I look him over, perform a not so thorough exam and ask about his symptoms. Diagnosis - Probably just a bad case of attention seeking syndrome.

Me - Maybe you haven't quite woken up yet. Go ahead and get ready.

Five minutes later...
Aj is standing in the hall playing.

Me- Do you feel better now, AJ?
AJ - Yes.

Crisis averted. Beware of false prophets.