Friday, October 18, 2013

Top 5 Healthy Foods I Hate

We all know nutrition is important but sometimes I'd rather hide behind the cabinet and eat that kitkat bar while telling the kids they better eat their dinner.  There are some foods that I just cannot stand and don't like to eat at all.  By no means.  All the while, I'm making one of the little minions sit to the table until they eat their veggies.  Usually, I'll try to eat them anyway, trying to apply the "it might not taste good to you, but it's good for you" rule that mama used to always use.  However, there are times I can't.  It's just gross. 

Top 5 Healthy Foods I Hate

1.  Yogurt - Cannot get past the texture of yogurt.  Just can't.  Two out three kids love it.

2.  Brown Rice - No matter how many ways you dress it up-  It takes you all day to cook it and then it still doesn't taste good.

3.  Brussel Sprouts - These are currently banned from the house.  To every little kid in the world, I salute you for taking a stand against these ratchet balls or vomit.

4.  Coconut Almond Milk - Maybe it's the coconut in it.  Just wasn't good.

5.  Oatmeal - lumpy texture...Porridge...Bears....Woods - See the continuum here

And I'll just throw in some plain ole foods I would never try

1.  Mushrooms - Fungi. Mushrooms.  Fugi.  Hello?

2.  The body parts - liver, pig tails, hearts, cow tongues - I watch too much Grey's Anatomy and Hannibal Lecture has always scared me.  I can't do it. lol

What healthy foods won't you eat or just don't like?