Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Me Vs The Closet: Round 1

This tiny closet is stocked with too much of everything.  Too many clothes that don't get worn, a tub container filled with more clothes, graduation caps and gowns, kids soccer cleats from 4 years ago.  Baseball bats, suitcases, and bags are piled in a corner.  I used to have a handle on this thing, but it's been undefeated for a while. 

Remember I needed to get rid of some clothes that are too big, too small, haven't been worn in 10 years, or just plain ruined. I was near devastated when I finished but realized there was a reason I stood in my closet so long complaining that I had nothing to wear. I didn't. Over half the clothes in the closet were too small, too tight, too short and I didn't wear them. So I finally got to work.

Holiday jacket paired with red workout capris

Too tight but looks good with red. I honestly can't even recall wearing this.

Can you tell I can't breathe? Had this since I was a freshman in college.

I couldn't wear this when I bought it. Too much belly. "Oh, I'll lose that," I said.  Three years later...

Too short. This is what happens when you see a dress you like, can't try it on because the kids  toddler will likely tear down the store, and can't return it because it's on sale.

Is my shirt too short?


$5 steal at the Goodwill. 2 piece jacket and dress. Now too small.

Wore these to church Sunday. I kept thinking the shoes felt a little funny when I walked.

Note: never carry a toddler and an ink pen at the same time

See those beautiful grease stains.
2nd note: Always run from a clingy, crying, toddler while he's eating.

Would you throw away a pair of BCBG pumps because one of the heels was scratched or throw on a pair of long pants and keep strutting?

This would probably nominate me for what not to wear along with this God awful pose.  Not quite sure what's going here.  Too tight.  Too short on the side.  Shoulders.  Just no.

After everything was all said and done this is everything that came out of that closet.   Well, all of the clothes.

Next step is to straighten it all up.