Tuesday, October 29, 2013

DIY Headband Tutu

I had decided to make Cate a tutu to go with her costume so it didn't look so plain.
I had never made a tutu before, but I was kind of familar with the basics. I saw tutorials on pinterest using ribbon and elastic. I figured Cate would self destruct with ribbon tied around her.  She gets pretty wild on the dance floor.  I really didn't want to sew elastic either and I would have had to buy some because I didn't have any.

So I started looking for something around the house that stretched that I could use instead. I came up with the headband. We really don't wear them that much.  I put it around my waist first but then I didn't know if that was good or bad. If it fit around mine, maybe it wouldn't fit around hers.  It did.

As for tulle, I had some cut by the yard already on hand but I had no idea how to cut it. I knew it was supposed to be in strips and managed to find a lady on YouTube who explained it well.


You lay the tulle out folded in half and begin to roll it up starting at the folded edge.

Then, you cut it into strips.  I estimated with the size.   Most of you probably already knew this but I'm a newbie. I then, unrolled the strips and cut each one in half. 
I also put a few strips of black sparkly tulle in.  I tied the tulle into knots onto the headband.  I just did it once to start out with to make sure if I messed up it wouldn't be too hard to take apart.

I started alternating the black and pink but later changed my mind because I was running out of the black tulle.

  I also tied a boa to the back of the tutu for a cat's tail.  Cate was so excited to go to the school dance, especially since her face was all drawn up.  For time's sake, because I waited until the last minute, I didn't make it as full as I wanted to.

Later, I made the tutu fuller and here's how it looks.