Tuesday, October 29, 2013

DIY Cat Ears for Cat Costume

I mentioned in an earlier post that Cate decided she wanted to be a cat for Halloween.  I was very happy about that because I figured it was just easy and inexpensive.  So I pretty much waited until the last minute, the day of the Halloween dance at school, to get her little costume together. 

I bought a pack of headbands from the Dollar Tree for $1 because she didn't have a black one. 

I already had some black felt leftover from Caleb's birthday  that I used to create the ears.

I folded the felt in half, drew the ears first and then cut out the shape of the ears on the fold.

I hadn't folded the second piece yet.  That's why you see that long strip underneath.

I wanted the ears to have a little color in them too, so I cut out little triangular shapes to glue on top.

Then I opened the ears up and I hot glued them on the sides of the headband.  I pressed them together good.

And that's it.  I also ended up making a tutu for the costume.  It's not fully finished in this picture for the sake of time, though. There'll be a post coming on that soon.