Monday, October 21, 2013

50 Random Facts About Me Tag

So just who is this so-called blogger.  Last week when I started writing this post I had to think about it too.  You know how you're in a meeting or group and someone says stand up and introduce yourself.  You stand and you're like oh crap, who I am?

So I did my best.
Maybe this post will give you a little insight about me and give you a little feel for who I am. 

1.  My mom named me Miranda after a strong-willed woman off the soaps.  It's proven to be true.

2.  Five of my favorite movies (I could fill this page up) are Set It Off, Gladiator, The Notebook, Fireproof, and Anastasia

3.  I want a "Beauty and the Beast" library.

4.  I won my first real poetry award when I was 15.

5.  I used to be the pink power ranger!

6.  I love beef jerky.  This was my first pregnancy craving.

7.  I can't swim.  I need to learn.

8.  Sometimes, I look at magazines from back to front.  Yes I'm weird.

9.  I hate lettuce but I'll eat spinach and arugula all day.

10.  I used to want to be a cop, and not just any cop.  I wanted to work for the FBI or Secret Service. 

11.  I'm kind of an introvert.  Kind of.

12.  I didn't learn to drive until I was 19.

13.  I'm afraid of escalators.  I feel like I'm either going to fall or it's going to suck me up before I get off.

14.  I love music and bands- gospel, country, rock, classical, pop, r&b.  I'll listen to anything but rap.

15.  I have a weird sense of humor.

16.  I have an education degree, but I type words into google to see if I spell them right.

17.  When I was 12, I sketched an entire clothing line of evening and casual wear as I wanted to design clothes.  I often revisit the idea.  Only this time for kids.

18.  When I was in high school, I ran up my cell phone bill to $300 for one month calling my husband (then boyfriend while he was off at college).  Needless to say, I didn't have a cell phone anymore.

19.  I love kids.  I used to want this huge family.  Now, I'm not sure if my brain or pocketbook strings can handle it.

20.  I love fashion and clothes, although most days I look like I should be nominated for what not to wear.

21.  I wear glasses.  Being that I've we've broken yet another pair, I'm ashamed to tell the eye doctor again. 

22.  I love decorating, cleaning and organizing.  Not necessarily after other people.

23.  I like peanut butter...with a spoon.

24.  I love cooking and baking. 

25.  Some days I just need to watch a good movie and cry.

26.  I was a teen mom.  No one offered me a tv show.

27.  I quit college 4 months before graduation, sat out for a year and then went back to finish.

28.  I love nail polish but I hardly ever paint my nails.  When I do, without fail, they end up chipped or smudged.

29.  I'm a deaconess.  I'm not that sure what that entails.


30.  I have a birthmark on my shoulder.  When I was little I thought it meant I was princess.

31.  In my head, I've written hundreds of books and my stories are awesome.  I need to put them on paper and see if someone thinks that too.

32.  I'd rather be barefoot than put on shoes in the house.

33.  Coffee smells wonderful to me (in a mug) but I hate it and don't drink it.

34.  I've never been to a club. 

35.  I'm afraid of spiders and I have a weird phobia of anything that reminds me of bacteria, fugus or disease like several Velcro dots scattered on paper, mushrooms, or the side of a paper that someone has poked holes through.

36.  Repetitive sounds like clicking pens, tapping on desks and smacking gum will send me to a mental institution except when I'm doing it.

37.  I like to sing.  When I was younger, I used to record myself singing on the tapes that came inside the Just For Me relaxer boxes.  I could never manage to convince my mother to send me to Star Search.  There is this Whitney Houston version of I'll always love you with me loudly catching my breath through notes. (about to pass out)

38.  I like helping people and I believe God put me here for that purpose.

39.  Sometimes when I check on the kids at night, I just stand there and watch them sleep.

40.  I'm sort of a dare devil.  I'm always up for a challenge but usually end up saying, "What was I thinking?"

41.  I'm cut the tube of toothpaste in half cheap until I really, really want something.

42.  My mom used to play the piano at church.  I want to learn to play too and a guitar.

43.  My kids don't know that I blog.  At least I think they don't.  They've never seen it.

44.  I roll sandwich meat up into a cigar and then nibble on it until I've eaten it.

45.  I like being outside, just not when there's bugs, it's too hot or too cold.

46.  I've always been a collector of things.  It started out as rocks, then teddy bears, candles and now books.

47.  I speak Spanish.  Not fluently.

48.  Other cultures intrigue me.

49.  I don't like horror movies but I'll watch anything NCIS, CSI, Law and Order, or Criminal Minds in a minute.
Reid is my favorite criminal minds character 

50.  I'm forgetful.  I can't remember anything.  All the time.  That's why I saved this one for last.