Wednesday, October 30, 2013

DIY Halloween Trick or Treat Bags

This is an easy simple bag I made and by simple I mean I just "winged it." I've mentioned that I really don't know how to sew but I like to "play" on my sewing machine.  I didn't do any measuring for this bag and I usually only measure if I'm making actual clothes.  Other than that I just try to eye ball it. (Perfectionism at its best)

Sorry I don't have any pictures.

Cut out two rectangular pieces of fabric.  Take one piece of fabric, fold down the top a little making a crease, iron and sew it down.  Do the same for the second piece of fabric. 

Then fold down again and make enough room for a casing or that a piece of ribbon could be put through.  (notice I used a fancy sewing term here).  Sew across and do the same for the second piece.  This is the top of the bag. 

Now put both pieces of fabric together (patterns facing each other).  Sew around the bag but not over the very top where you've made your casing or you won't have a place for your ribbon to go through.

Attach a ribbon of your choice to a safety pin and thread it through to the end. Tie ribbon in a bow or knot at the end and you're done!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

DIY Headband Tutu

I had decided to make Cate a tutu to go with her costume so it didn't look so plain.
I had never made a tutu before, but I was kind of familar with the basics. I saw tutorials on pinterest using ribbon and elastic. I figured Cate would self destruct with ribbon tied around her.  She gets pretty wild on the dance floor.  I really didn't want to sew elastic either and I would have had to buy some because I didn't have any.

So I started looking for something around the house that stretched that I could use instead. I came up with the headband. We really don't wear them that much.  I put it around my waist first but then I didn't know if that was good or bad. If it fit around mine, maybe it wouldn't fit around hers.  It did.

As for tulle, I had some cut by the yard already on hand but I had no idea how to cut it. I knew it was supposed to be in strips and managed to find a lady on YouTube who explained it well.


You lay the tulle out folded in half and begin to roll it up starting at the folded edge.

Then, you cut it into strips.  I estimated with the size.   Most of you probably already knew this but I'm a newbie. I then, unrolled the strips and cut each one in half. 
I also put a few strips of black sparkly tulle in.  I tied the tulle into knots onto the headband.  I just did it once to start out with to make sure if I messed up it wouldn't be too hard to take apart.

I started alternating the black and pink but later changed my mind because I was running out of the black tulle.

  I also tied a boa to the back of the tutu for a cat's tail.  Cate was so excited to go to the school dance, especially since her face was all drawn up.  For time's sake, because I waited until the last minute, I didn't make it as full as I wanted to.

Later, I made the tutu fuller and here's how it looks.

DIY Cat Ears for Cat Costume

I mentioned in an earlier post that Cate decided she wanted to be a cat for Halloween.  I was very happy about that because I figured it was just easy and inexpensive.  So I pretty much waited until the last minute, the day of the Halloween dance at school, to get her little costume together. 

I bought a pack of headbands from the Dollar Tree for $1 because she didn't have a black one. 

I already had some black felt leftover from Caleb's birthday  that I used to create the ears.

I folded the felt in half, drew the ears first and then cut out the shape of the ears on the fold.

I hadn't folded the second piece yet.  That's why you see that long strip underneath.

I wanted the ears to have a little color in them too, so I cut out little triangular shapes to glue on top.

Then I opened the ears up and I hot glued them on the sides of the headband.  I pressed them together good.

And that's it.  I also ended up making a tutu for the costume.  It's not fully finished in this picture for the sake of time, though. There'll be a post coming on that soon.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Look At My Electric Bill After Turning Off The Air

Last month during my frugal September post, I talked about some ways that I would be trying to incorporate more frugal habits into our lifestyle to save money and get out of debt.  One way that I hadn't anticipated but went through with was cutting our AC/Heating unit off. 

We actually didn't cut it off the entire month but more like half of the month.  One day it was just too hot.  The heat carried on through the night and the fans didn't seem to be helping at all.  Neither one of us wanted to be the one to turn it back on because we really wanted to see how long we could go (I'm always up for a challenge and the hubby is just competitive) and we were afraid the temps might change back cooler.   We were also afraid that if it stayed hot, the bill might skyrocket to cool the house back off again.  However, after failing to cool off, we turned it back on anyway.

And without fail, the temperature dropped like the next day and it has stayed cool since. 

So here's our light bill.

The first line is the current billing period, second is last month, and last line is the same period a year ago.  There is a big difference in the usage.  What was even more surprising to me was that the light bill was lower than it was a year ago.  This ruled out some of my other theories on why it had dropped.

My previous light bill was $228.93 and this one is $122.33. 

That's a difference of 106.60 for turning the unit off for about two and half weeks.  Thank you, Lord!
The unit is currently on now, but I'm going to turn it off again. The look of my electric bill was just too much motivation, even if it's just 1./2 of the month.  Although, I'm sure since the temperatures have dropped with the season, we can go longer without cutting it back on, before it starts to get cold.
What's the longest amount of time you've gone without turning on your AC/Heating unit?

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Me Vs The Closet: Round 2

If you've read my other post, you probably remember I've been weeding out my closet and trying to better organize it. And of course when you mention closet, it simply means the woman's room being that most everything in there belongs to me.   Well, I've finally got it finished and neatly organized without all the extra junk that was clogging it up. I think it looks so much better.

This is what the finished closet looks like.

I added the baskets in the top of the closet and did some rearranging.

They didn't fit right on the shelf if I turned them with the label facing outward.  I didn't like the way they hung off a little, so I turned them sideways and they fit perfect.  However, you can't see the label and I didn't want to mess up the basket by adding anything to the fabric. 
 I threw bags in one basket.  In the second, there is just a combination of hats, belts and scarves.  I would like them hung up but this works in our space.  These baskets were 7.47 each at Walmart.  I won't lie, I stood there about 15 minutes wrestling with the idea of buying these baskets.  I just didn't want to pay for them.

I've had these plastic stands for years.  I found them at the Fred's Dollar Store for 2.99 each.  They have been holding up pretty well. 

Before                                                                                 After
I did mention to the hubs that this meant I would need to go shopping.  I have a slight problem buying things for myself though, so I don't think he's that worried.  Maybe he should be.

Monday, October 21, 2013

50 Random Facts About Me Tag

So just who is this so-called blogger.  Last week when I started writing this post I had to think about it too.  You know how you're in a meeting or group and someone says stand up and introduce yourself.  You stand and you're like oh crap, who I am?

So I did my best.
Maybe this post will give you a little insight about me and give you a little feel for who I am. 

1.  My mom named me Miranda after a strong-willed woman off the soaps.  It's proven to be true.

2.  Five of my favorite movies (I could fill this page up) are Set It Off, Gladiator, The Notebook, Fireproof, and Anastasia

3.  I want a "Beauty and the Beast" library.

4.  I won my first real poetry award when I was 15.

5.  I used to be the pink power ranger!

6.  I love beef jerky.  This was my first pregnancy craving.

7.  I can't swim.  I need to learn.

8.  Sometimes, I look at magazines from back to front.  Yes I'm weird.

9.  I hate lettuce but I'll eat spinach and arugula all day.

10.  I used to want to be a cop, and not just any cop.  I wanted to work for the FBI or Secret Service. 

11.  I'm kind of an introvert.  Kind of.

12.  I didn't learn to drive until I was 19.

13.  I'm afraid of escalators.  I feel like I'm either going to fall or it's going to suck me up before I get off.

14.  I love music and bands- gospel, country, rock, classical, pop, r&b.  I'll listen to anything but rap.

15.  I have a weird sense of humor.

16.  I have an education degree, but I type words into google to see if I spell them right.

17.  When I was 12, I sketched an entire clothing line of evening and casual wear as I wanted to design clothes.  I often revisit the idea.  Only this time for kids.

18.  When I was in high school, I ran up my cell phone bill to $300 for one month calling my husband (then boyfriend while he was off at college).  Needless to say, I didn't have a cell phone anymore.

19.  I love kids.  I used to want this huge family.  Now, I'm not sure if my brain or pocketbook strings can handle it.

20.  I love fashion and clothes, although most days I look like I should be nominated for what not to wear.

21.  I wear glasses.  Being that I've we've broken yet another pair, I'm ashamed to tell the eye doctor again. 

22.  I love decorating, cleaning and organizing.  Not necessarily after other people.

23.  I like peanut butter...with a spoon.

24.  I love cooking and baking. 

25.  Some days I just need to watch a good movie and cry.

26.  I was a teen mom.  No one offered me a tv show.

27.  I quit college 4 months before graduation, sat out for a year and then went back to finish.

28.  I love nail polish but I hardly ever paint my nails.  When I do, without fail, they end up chipped or smudged.

29.  I'm a deaconess.  I'm not that sure what that entails.


30.  I have a birthmark on my shoulder.  When I was little I thought it meant I was princess.

31.  In my head, I've written hundreds of books and my stories are awesome.  I need to put them on paper and see if someone thinks that too.

32.  I'd rather be barefoot than put on shoes in the house.

33.  Coffee smells wonderful to me (in a mug) but I hate it and don't drink it.

34.  I've never been to a club. 

35.  I'm afraid of spiders and I have a weird phobia of anything that reminds me of bacteria, fugus or disease like several Velcro dots scattered on paper, mushrooms, or the side of a paper that someone has poked holes through.

36.  Repetitive sounds like clicking pens, tapping on desks and smacking gum will send me to a mental institution except when I'm doing it.

37.  I like to sing.  When I was younger, I used to record myself singing on the tapes that came inside the Just For Me relaxer boxes.  I could never manage to convince my mother to send me to Star Search.  There is this Whitney Houston version of I'll always love you with me loudly catching my breath through notes. (about to pass out)

38.  I like helping people and I believe God put me here for that purpose.

39.  Sometimes when I check on the kids at night, I just stand there and watch them sleep.

40.  I'm sort of a dare devil.  I'm always up for a challenge but usually end up saying, "What was I thinking?"

41.  I'm cut the tube of toothpaste in half cheap until I really, really want something.

42.  My mom used to play the piano at church.  I want to learn to play too and a guitar.

43.  My kids don't know that I blog.  At least I think they don't.  They've never seen it.

44.  I roll sandwich meat up into a cigar and then nibble on it until I've eaten it.

45.  I like being outside, just not when there's bugs, it's too hot or too cold.

46.  I've always been a collector of things.  It started out as rocks, then teddy bears, candles and now books.

47.  I speak Spanish.  Not fluently.

48.  Other cultures intrigue me.

49.  I don't like horror movies but I'll watch anything NCIS, CSI, Law and Order, or Criminal Minds in a minute.
Reid is my favorite criminal minds character 

50.  I'm forgetful.  I can't remember anything.  All the time.  That's why I saved this one for last.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Top 5 Healthy Foods I Hate

We all know nutrition is important but sometimes I'd rather hide behind the cabinet and eat that kitkat bar while telling the kids they better eat their dinner.  There are some foods that I just cannot stand and don't like to eat at all.  By no means.  All the while, I'm making one of the little minions sit to the table until they eat their veggies.  Usually, I'll try to eat them anyway, trying to apply the "it might not taste good to you, but it's good for you" rule that mama used to always use.  However, there are times I can't.  It's just gross. 

Top 5 Healthy Foods I Hate

1.  Yogurt - Cannot get past the texture of yogurt.  Just can't.  Two out three kids love it.

2.  Brown Rice - No matter how many ways you dress it up-  It takes you all day to cook it and then it still doesn't taste good.

3.  Brussel Sprouts - These are currently banned from the house.  To every little kid in the world, I salute you for taking a stand against these ratchet balls or vomit.

4.  Coconut Almond Milk - Maybe it's the coconut in it.  Just wasn't good.

5.  Oatmeal - lumpy texture...Porridge...Bears....Woods - See the continuum here

And I'll just throw in some plain ole foods I would never try

1.  Mushrooms - Fungi. Mushrooms.  Fugi.  Hello?

2.  The body parts - liver, pig tails, hearts, cow tongues - I watch too much Grey's Anatomy and Hannibal Lecture has always scared me.  I can't do it. lol

What healthy foods won't you eat or just don't like?

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Oh, How We Love The Goodwill

I absolutely love the Goodwill or any second hand stores for that matter. You can find some great deals there on anything from clothes to toys to furniture that you could redo or spruce up.   I like to go to the goodwill at least once every two weeks, sometimes more, even if I'm just looking.  However, I really get a rush when I find that diamond in the rough. 

This week we took a trip to the goodwill to look around.  We always have an hour to kill between the time Cate and AJ get out of school.  I went looking for a tray for the coffee table.  I wanted something goldish vintage looking, I think.  You know how you're not quite sure what you're looking for but you'll know it when you see it.
I actually didn't find one but got distracted by my other obsession.  Books.  I love books and I collect them.  I want this huge Beauty and Beast library one day.  Soon. 
So this is what I ended up leaving with.

 A good handful of books.  All of them except two were 59 cent each.  The other two hard covers were 1.99 each.  Even though this is Goodwill, I felt like that was a big price jump between a paperback and hardcover.  Still a great price, though.  This is the list:
-James Patterson-You've Been Warned
-Alice Sebold - The Lovely Bones ( This is one of those movies I can probably never watch again. )
-Kimberla Lawson Roby - A taste of reality
-Anita Shreve - The Pilot's Wife
-Kim Echlin - The Disappeared
-Regina Franklin - Who Calls Me Beautiful?  Finding our true image in the mirror of God  ( currently reading)
-James Patterson - 11th hour
Cate and Caleb picked a book as well.  They've about amassed a library of their own. 
39 and 29 cent a piece

This dish also caught my attention for $2. 

I was using it as a candy dish (though we never have one), then stuck a candle in it, but now it's empty.  I think it looks good with the candle.  Maybe I could find another one.  I have some of my books stacked neatly by.  The tray I didn't find would be used to put the candles and a dish on.


And we found a Tigger that we just had to bring home.  It kept these two busy in the store and regardless of age, all three have been playing with this thing the minute we got home.  Cate also found her a "frog prince"  with Velcro hands and feet that she adores.  Aj, of course, is not happy he didn't make this trip so I have to take him. 

They really put on a show with this thing.  It plays music and Caleb decided to bust some moves in the store.

This morning to drop the kids off at school
He's been carrying everywhere since.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Saving Money-Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner.  Soon there will be goblins and ghosts, pirates and princesses running through the neighborhood banging on doors for the goods.  And of course, when they get home, mom is going to be stealing the chocolate.  Me anyway.

However, Halloween is the 2nd most expensive Holiday after Christmas.  You should be afraid.  Very afraid.  You've got the candy, the parties, the Halloween decorations and costumes.  All of those expenses can quickly add up leaving you looking and feeling distorted.  So here's a few things that we have used to save money on costumes.


- First check out what's in your house before you head out to store.  Is there something you can use at home and put together to make a costume.

This is actually family dress up night at our house but you get the idea.  Where would my husband get a last minute costume idea to be rocker?  (church vest, already stained jeans that we cut and ripped, chains, and shades)  There's usually something in the house you could use, repurpose, or that's already half destroyed that could be used to create a costume.

-Dress Up Clothes - Does your child wear dress up clothes?  My daughter has a container of them.  Some years, she'll just pull something out of her box and put it on for a Halloween event.  I'm lucky that she doesn't always care what she is.  Also, if you have younger children, keep the costumes from previous years and the kids will have a collection to choose from.

Old Uniforms- Cheerleading uniforms, soccer, any kind of sport or old group affiliation can be used as this years costume.  You can also throw them on in with the dress up clothes.

- Check out the Goodwill and Consignment Shops.  Both places will have costumes out and only for pennies on the dollar.  You may also find other Halloween accessories or decorations there as well.

I bought a green jumpsuit for $2 at the consignment shop, dug out some green fabric, and glued felt dots on for a turtle shell.  The shell is made like a back pack so he could wear the jumpsuit alone.  I already had everything else.

-Get creative- At our elementary school, the kids don't necessarily dress up for Halloween but they do a book character day.  Most of the time, it's something that I don't have and am not going to buy, especially if we've already settled on a regular costume for the Holiday.  Therefore I have to figure it out.
King Peter from the Chronicles of Narnia and Cate representing the book "A Bad Case of Stripes"
AJ's costume consisted of his pants from his Zorro costume (that I bought from the goodwill) paired with one of my white blouses (I didn't want it to be a perfect fit), and my dingy boots.  I folded a piece of fabric in half and cut a whole through the fold to slip his head into.  I cut a design in cardstock for the crown and covered cardboard in foil for the chest plate and sword.  His belt from the Zorro costume was used to hold the sword in place.  The only thing this cost me was the extra foil.

The Dollar Tree- The dollar tree usually has a lot of accessories that could be used to dress up an old costume or accent it.

-Buy Halloween costumes and decorations after Halloween for the next year.  I will usually wait until the items drop to about 75 percent off before I buy anything.

Bought from Walmart for $5 after sale.  Just check to make sure all the pieces are in the bag, if they're not, you might be able to get them for a lower price.

Check out Pinterest.  There are so many ideas on there for everything, including these Halloween treats we made.

This Halloween the kids have decided that they want to a skeleton (Aj) and a cat (Cate).  I have no idea what Caleb is going to be.  Both both AJ and Cate's ideas consist of wearing mostly black so that should be easy to accomplish. 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Dear Spooky Stranger Person Coming To Console My Crying Child In The Store

Last night I went to Walmart before I picked the kids up from Grandma's.   I decided to haphazardly do the grocery shopping as I was recovering from my foul mood.  I nonchalantly placed my cage free, no hormone eggs in the cart next to my high fructose corn syrup coated Halloween decorated fruit snacks.  I walked through the store half caring what I was picking up and putting in my cart and half conscious when I saw something utterly disturbing.  A toddler screaming in the grocery buggy and the "oh so kind" stranger coming over to the rescue.  A scene I'm all too familiar with and one I absolutely cannot stand.  Why do people do this?  And because I often try to be on my best behavior, I refrain from speaking much.  So I decided to write them a letter.

Dear Spooky Stranger Person Coming To Console My Crying Child In The Store,

I know you think you are doing the right thing and being all helpful, but you're not.  You're making things worse.  First of all, you're a stranger.  My child doesn't know you.  So while you're leaning in cooing what's the matter, you're likely giving him an anxiety attack and scaring him to death therefore making him scream louder.  Please move away.

Oh and don't offer him candy.  It's a nice gesture, but if I wanted him to have candy I'd give it to him.  Needless to say, if he were sitting in the buggy chomping on a lollipop, you'd likely be ready to throw out some meaningful tip on cavities and protecting his teeth.  No thank you.

And let's not forget those indirect questions that you ask my 2 year old that are directly geared to me.  Are you sleepy, sweetheart?  You want a snack, don't you? 

Do you not suppose I would know these things?  The child that would only nurse on the left side, prefers the Thomas the Train underwear over the Cars, and will only eat apples without the skin and sliced. 

Or say you didn't notice the goldfish crumbs on the both of our shirts or the open box of fruit snacks in the buggy.  He's not hungry and if he were sleepy, I wouldn't have bothered to come to the store.  Please stop assuming these things.

I'm standing here smiling at you and nodding my head politely so I don't unleash the thoughts that are running wild in my head.  The ones that are struggling to keep from coming out of this dangerous black whole called my mouth.  It's hard.  Very hard. 

Maybe you should have walked over and made a joke out of it instead of making me feel like my gremlin child throwing a fit in a shopping cart is a reflection of my excellent parenting skills.

Maybe you should have told me about a time your little one went crazy to lighten mood.

Or maybe you should have just kept walking by understanding that toddlers generally have unavoidable moody meltdowns over things like "I want to run rampant though the store because brother and sister aren't strapped down," "My shoes really are green" and " the letter A IS a triangle."

Otherwise, you're just making the situation worse. You are prolonging the time and now becoming a catalyst in the fire.   Please do me a favor and exit slowly.

Again I know you are only wanting to be helpful, but you're not.  So please spare me and my child another dose of an anxiety attack from your unfamiliar face, or your potentially poisonous candy that you spent more time searching for in your bag than I do, or this unintended insult to my parenting skills.  He can cry. 

And yes, I could leave the store and avoid the scene, but who really has time for that.  I mean I could come back in the 20 spare minutes that I might have after the never ending story of laundry, cooking and cleaning instead of this appointed time that I had chosen.  However, by then you might witness me throwing a temper tantrum.  So this is it.  I'm not backing down.

So the next time you see me and my child has thrown the bag of rice across the back of the buggy and throwing a fit just look and walk away.  Or better yet, come over and give me a high five because in spite of it all, there isn't an open bottle of wine in that shopping cart.


Your friendly but agitated shopping mama

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Have I Become A Desperate Housewife?
I used to be obsessed with this series.  Actually, I still am.  I couldn’t resist the forever love struck clumsiness of Susan, the glamorous but empty life of Gabby, the eye opening reality that is Lynette and the perfectly imperfect Bree Van De Kamp.  I bought every season.   

But now I have to wonder was I the newest desperate housewife? 

Today was one of those days.  One of those days where I wanted to scream, cry and just give up.  It didn’t result from just today but rather a build up over time and today I just couldn’t take it.  The kids were going crazy and so was I. 

I planned a trip to the University Wildlife Center today.  Well, I kind of planned it.   I woke up annoyed because the kids don’t realize they should stay in the bed until 10 when they don’t have to go to school or that they needn’t reenact Katy Perry’s roar at 8 in the morning. 

The one that never likes to actually eat her dinner is already complaining of hunger.  No not hunger.  She’s starving.   One is busy annoying his little brother therefore causing him to complain, whine and annoy me.  It is entirely too early in the morning for this. 

I managed to make pancakes, eggs and slice apples while one still complained of hunger and Caleb has brought what seems like every toy in the house and drug it across the room.  Not to mention, the house still isn’t clean from the night before as we just did whatever to make it through the day.  I wonder how I was able to manage a classroom full of kids but on days feel like I have no control of my house. 

There have been many times where I’ve wanted to ditch them all like Lynette and just run away for a while for sake of not having a nervous breakdown.  Many times I’ve picked up the phone and called my husband asking when is he coming home.  However, for fear of sounding like an ungrateful wench, complaining of exhaustion and dysfunction, I don’t .  I am having the luxury of staying at home like so many people do not.  It hasn’t come without it’s ups and downs and sacrifices but I haven’t gone back to work.  So why complain, right?  It might be time to update my resume.

Before we had even gotten packed up and gotten to the car, the kids were arguing and complaining about something.  I thought I was going to lose it.  Arguing.  Whining.  Complaining.  Talking.  Talking too loudly.  Mommy.  Mommy. Mommy.  Mommy.  Mommy. 


 I got a last minute call to run and errand for the husband that didn’t bother me.  I’m used to it.  But the kids, so much noise.  I think my noise tolerance is diminishing with time.  Maybe it’s because there’s always noise.  Never silence. 

On the way to the bank, Caitlyn and Caleb were losing it.  What is there to whine about?  I was losing it too.  I was trying to breathe.  I was trying to pray.  I was looking for that rest God promised.  Where was it?  I needed rest.  Seriously.  Most days it’s just me and the kids.    There is rarely the quiet trip to the grocery store alone.  The days where you can actually hear what’s being said on the news.   The days where you’re not tripping over toys that said pick up twice already. 

I’m tired.  All day I’m tired.  I’ve gotten to the kind of tired where it affects your memory.  When you can’t remember what you just said.  Anything.  All the time.  I haven’t been that kind of tired since I was in school full time, working 38 hours a week, off singing this and there with the church choir, attending every function asked of me,  raising two babies, still reeling from a miscarriage and wondering if we would have enough money to cover our parents’ bills for the month.

By the time we reached the wildlife center, I felt like my head was bursting.  There was a tingling in my leg.  No doubt a likely sign that my blood pressure is skyrocketing.  I couldn’t stand the sound of anything.  I forgot school was still in at the University.  No parking anywhere.  This only added to my annoyance.  I parked the car while trying to blot out the constant calling, whining, fussing and talking in the back seat and put my head in my hand.  I changed my mind.  I was over it.  I made the detour to grandma’s.  I needed rescuing.

I try to refrain from saying act your age.  I try to refrain from yelling shut up.  I try to refrain from putting my head in my lap and crying.

But what I did do, was go home and let the kids pack up stuff to take to grandma’s.  I bought pizzas, bread sticks, chick fil a, every kind of overly processed packed filled of red dye #40 junk that a kid could want.  $50 worth.  Screw a budget.  Screw unprocessed.  Screw healthy. 

I desperately needed a break and this was how I was going to get it.  I dropped everything off, walked out the door and breathed.  The minute I walked out the door, there was this huge sense of relief.

I drove home in silence.  No radio.  Just silence.  As I entered the house I tripped over the toy drill Caleb left in the doorway.  I made my way to sofa and plunked down.  I looked at the dishes that needed to be done, the toys on the floor, and the clothes on the sofa.  Nope.  Not today.  Today, for this moment, for these few hours, it was just going to be me. 


Me Vs The Closet: Round 1

This tiny closet is stocked with too much of everything.  Too many clothes that don't get worn, a tub container filled with more clothes, graduation caps and gowns, kids soccer cleats from 4 years ago.  Baseball bats, suitcases, and bags are piled in a corner.  I used to have a handle on this thing, but it's been undefeated for a while. 

Remember I needed to get rid of some clothes that are too big, too small, haven't been worn in 10 years, or just plain ruined. I was near devastated when I finished but realized there was a reason I stood in my closet so long complaining that I had nothing to wear. I didn't. Over half the clothes in the closet were too small, too tight, too short and I didn't wear them. So I finally got to work.

Holiday jacket paired with red workout capris

Too tight but looks good with red. I honestly can't even recall wearing this.

Can you tell I can't breathe? Had this since I was a freshman in college.

I couldn't wear this when I bought it. Too much belly. "Oh, I'll lose that," I said.  Three years later...

Too short. This is what happens when you see a dress you like, can't try it on because the kids  toddler will likely tear down the store, and can't return it because it's on sale.

Is my shirt too short?


$5 steal at the Goodwill. 2 piece jacket and dress. Now too small.

Wore these to church Sunday. I kept thinking the shoes felt a little funny when I walked.

Note: never carry a toddler and an ink pen at the same time

See those beautiful grease stains.
2nd note: Always run from a clingy, crying, toddler while he's eating.

Would you throw away a pair of BCBG pumps because one of the heels was scratched or throw on a pair of long pants and keep strutting?

This would probably nominate me for what not to wear along with this God awful pose.  Not quite sure what's going here.  Too tight.  Too short on the side.  Shoulders.  Just no.

After everything was all said and done this is everything that came out of that closet.   Well, all of the clothes.

Next step is to straighten it all up.