Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Resolutions or Broken Promises: Let's Set Some Goals

Well, it's that time again.  Another year has flown by quicker than we wanted it to or not quickly enough. 
So everyone is making resolutions hopefully to keep them.  2014 is a new year and another opportunity for a new you. Just as Jesus has wiped our slates free of our past and made us new, that's exactly what the new year presents.  Don't take all that old stressful crap into the new year.  Let it go.  Now.
 I did try and set a few goals for this year.  Hopefully, they're not forgotten by March.  That's about the time when mine start fading off.
So A Few For 2014:
1.  Stay Organized.

  I have absolutely no problem with getting organized.  That's easy.  Staying organized when you're constantly running in and out the door, just too tired to care,  and are just like just "Throw it down and come on.  We're late." -  That's clearly the problem. 
How:  Simplify our stuff.  Create a specific place for EVERYTHING.  Please try to put everything back at the end of the day.  Create a specific time of the week to sort, purge, organize something.  (Especially the paper demons)  Shred.  Shred. Shred.
2.  Trust God. 
 I would say this is a continuing thing.  With so much going on, it's easy to be like "God, umm..what's up?"  I ask this question regularly.  My mother in law is at the hospital right now as I'm writing this.  Someone was on their cell phone, clearly not paying attention, ran the red light and hit her.  She was released but felt worse later tonight and my husband took her back.  Hopefully, she recovers from this well and it doesn't affect her prior recovery.
How:  Keep building a relationship with him.  Reading.  Studying.  Praying.
3.  Get more serious about writing. 
 I love writing not just blogging.  This year I've written a couple of songs, two dramatic plays in need of actors for a black history skit, and actually started on again off again not again writing a book.  Yeah, I didn't quite stick with that one.
How:  I'm thinking about doing the Project 365 challenge just writing something everyday for a year.  I wanted to do the photo thing but I figured this was something I probably needed to do for myself.
4.  Spend more one on one time with the kids. 

 Since Caleb has arrived this has been harder and because it's usually just me and the kids most days.
How:  Try to do a specific thing together even if it's just talking while washing the dishes.  That might have to be our "thing."
5.  Date my husband more. 
 our anniversary this month - Never got around to writing a post on that
We're oldies.  My husband and I have been together since I was in the 9th grade and just celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary.  You know, we're that couple that everybody loves or either wants to punch in the face.  Yep, that's us. 
However, usually by the end of the day we're exhausted, and usually asleep on sofa or floor- Just wherever we I happen to be. lol. Completely drained with no energy. 
(Yall I drank my first energy drink ever yesterday.  I was walking around like I had pneumonia.  It's 50 degrees and I'm walking around with short sleeves, no jacket, turning the heat off because I'm about to burn up.  Is that what drinking coffee feels like?)
How :  We really need to plan date nights ( of course with low cost and inexpensive ideas)
6.   Take more steps to be financially fit.  ( rid ourselves of debt)
This is also a work in process as we are trying to rapidly eliminate our debt.  I've also decided that in 2014 I would be sharing more of my cheap frugal living ways on the blog and on facebook to encourage, inspire and/or help others. 
How:   budget, eliminate expenses, save more,
What are your goals for the new year?