Monday, December 9, 2013

6 month Natural Hair Update

I have made it to the six month mark!  Can you believe it?

I'm still pretty much in the low maintenance phase but I feel like I might need to start getting into the twisting it most nights phase.  I really don't want to do that.  It just seems so time consuming.  By the end of the day after I have run around with my three kids and stood in the kitchen looking crazy at all that madness left to clean up, twisting my hair is that last thing on my mind. 

Oh and did I mention, I fell asleep once while twisting my hair.  I woke up, decided bump that and got in the bed.  I woke up with two different hairstyles.  Where's the YouTube video on that?

I've gathered a few pictures from the 3-6 month journey.  In the first three months, I was all over the camera.  I think I might have actually calmed down a bit now.

Not a great picture, but I have one question.  Did I master duck face? HAHA!

Okay if you haven't read me vs the closet part 1  then you may be completely confused by this picture.  However, I think it's a pretty good angle on the hair. 

It is usually always shrunken up into this state unless I do a twist out.

Have no idea how to take selfies- You take 500 pictures and then maybe a half of one from the chest up looks suitable

Twist out with a mix of olive, coconut, and castor oil with cantu shea butter
I didn't wet it beforehand.  It just takes too long to dry.

Contemplating keeping my hair short.

Caleb - twists, Cate- twist out, Me-twist out
Sometimes we have nothing to do waiting on AJ to get out of school

Just washed - no product
Note:  It is a horrible idea to wash your hair an hour before it's time to pick the kids up from school and it's cool outside.

I'm normally abnormal

chunky twists the night before and undid them in the morning
So I had made this little slightly horribly, terrible video for you guys to see me achieve the look below.  However, I am indeed not your video vixen.  You couldn't hear a word of the video AND it goes to YouTube if you post if here.  Whoa!  Ummm,  I don't know what I'm doing like that.  So I decided to make two more slightly horrendous videos about my hair and I posted them here so you can watch.  I know you might hate scrolling unless you're nosey like me, but it's Dec. 6 and Dec. 7.  Let me know what you think. 
Happy 6 Month Hair Anniversary To Me!