Thursday, December 19, 2013

My Trips from Bi-Lo's Triple Couponing Event

Now y'all, I couldn't believe my news feed when I scrolled down and saw that BI-LO would be TRIPLING coupons for the next four days.  A friend, who knows I'm a couponer, posted it to my timeline.  This was some of the most exciting news all week.  I was like, "Well let me get my pile together. 
I checked with the store to confirm it first before I headed in looking like an episode of extreme couponing.  I would have put absolutely everything back if it didn't triple.  I'll have to get into my cheapskate ways later. 
The event runs from Dec. 18 - Dec. 21.
There are some rules:
1.  You have to have your bonus card.
2.  Limit of 20 coupons tripled per card per day.
3.  No more than 3 of the same coupons used in one transaction.
4.  No cash back or overage given. 
I learned about this on the 17th and I was just scrambling to get my act together. 
Notice our cute little reindeer and Christmas tree in the background. 
First trip - box of Honey Nut Cheerios, Chex mix, Febreeze air effects, rediwhip, Tide to go pen, Oral B toothbrush, 2 Betty crocker icings, 1 McCormick seasoning, 3 green giant steamfresh meals, herbal essence body wash, 2 cans progresso soup, 2 pans sister Schubert rolls, 1 45 oz Marie calendar apple pie
Bonus Card Savings :  14.80
Coupon Savings : 24.75
Total spent : 20.98!!

2nd trip - different store, different county (had to go to moms)
-2 Mazola canola oil, 2 bottles Karo corn syrup, 2 cans cinnamon rolls, 2 progresso chicken broth, 2 progresso soups, 1 honey nut cheerios, 1 chex mix, 1 bag sister Schubert  rolls, 2 febreeze air effects, 2 Gillette shaving creams, herbal essence body wash, bounce dryer sheets, and a tide to go pen
My whopping total here before my bonus card was 71.09
After bonus card - 49.29
(I actually wrote these numbers down this time because I wanted to know.)
Bonus card savings : 15.69
Coupon savings : 36.05
After coupons/ Total spent - 16.58!!!!!
I saved 36.05 on coupons alone!!!
I was ecstatic! 
My little stockpile is growing!  Hopefully, it will be huge soon and I'll be giving half of it away.  After I give to our parents and add to the church pantry, I like to randomly pick people that I've heard could use a lift and show up unannounced to deliver goods.  After they get past the fact that there is some crazy person at their front door, they're usually grateful. lol. 
I honestly think God places things like this in my path so I can bless other people.  There's nothing like hearing that" this was such a blessing" or "I really needed that" from someone. I want to be blessed so I can be a blessing.  I feel like couponing is one of the ways that helps me do that.
There are still two more days left if you want to catch this sale.  I even forgot to buy a newspaper for the past two weeks.  I used coupons I already had and ones printed from coupon mom.  This is the link that was shared with me about this deal.