Monday, December 2, 2013

Homemade Christmas: Beaded Necklace and Bracelet Set

I'm in a much better mood today, if you don't mention dropping the kids off to school forty minutes late this morning.  I'm still on Thanksgiving break time.  Oh well, better luck tomorrow. 

Last month, I mentioned that I was going to try and make a few homemade Christmas gifts this year.  I was very excited about it and started on them right away. 
Here are the beaded sets for Caitlyn. 

I ended up getting too excited and made three vs. the one set and extra bracelets.

I did buy two packs of beads for about $5 because I didn't have enough of kids' beads.

All of them are strung on elastic bead cord and tied.  I always add a little nail polish on the knot for extra security.

I added a koala bear charm that I happened to find in my bead supply to this one.
I think she's going to love them.