Thursday, December 26, 2013

For The Love of Christmas

We had a great Christmas!  Both my husband's parents were out of the hospital for Christmas and are recovering well.  Caleb's eye is looking a little less black and I hope it hurries up and heals.

Christmas Eve we drove out to see the Christmas lights and displays.

My husband on Christmas morning annoyed with Caleb's train set.
In awe

We bought AJ his first bb gun, opened it up, and it won't get any power.  He just pumped and pumped and it didn't get any stronger.  Now the most I know about bb guns and hunting is watching Duck Dynasty, so that should tell you a whole lot about my experience.  However, the husband says we have to take it back.  The closest store - 3 counties away where we bought it.


At mama's
After crashing into the wall, falling into the trash, being back handed down the hall, taking a joy ride on the scooter and  being nearly eaten by the ducks, she finally got her flutterbye fairy flying license. 
Aj is busy playing with his new kreo legos.  They move!  Just got myself coolest mom of the year award for that one.
He'll  add those to his half- ton collection. 
 I think I might plan a surprise trip to LEGO LAND in the spring.
They loved the play dough.  They've been making all kinds of things!
We didn't have time to do our annual play this year of the story of baby Jesus.  Our "baby Jesus" has gotten too big for his part but he was adamant that he NEEDED to be Baby Jesus and not some old angel. lol  We're going to give a try today when daddy gets home.
Hope you all had a great Christmas!