Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Make Up Storage Make Over-Ish

Hey guys!

Over the past month, I have gone cleaning and organizing crazy.  I've been redoing half of the house. (repurposing stuff)   Maybe for the holidays.  I don't know. 
I've been trying to stay away from organizing because I have a tendency to want to buy stuff.  Oh, the temptation.  However, I'm on a mission to be debt free and this didn't cost a dime.

I decided to change up my make up storage and make it look "cleaner."

I'll tell you a secret.  I hoard jars and containers.  I'm always saving them for the next kids project or the next diy project.  So I usually always have a stash of jars or containers on hand.


Some of the lids of the jars were already black and didn't have any labels on them.  So I used those. 


I had to spray paint the rest to match and remove the labels.

I kept the rest of the things in the same container.

I think it looks so much better!