Thursday, February 28, 2013

Getting Crafty For Dr. Seus

Dr. Seus day is on deck. The kids are actually celebrating at school tomorrow and are allowed to dress up. Sounds fun right? What's not fun is not finding out about it until yesterday afternoon. We didn't dress up last year because they forgot about it and I really didn't think about it. Now I've got my work cut out for me, The Cat in the Hat and Thing 2.
So this morning after dropping them off to school, I set out to make the dream come alive. But not after going back home to retrieve Cate's backpack and taking it all the way back to the school. Exactly how many times did I tell her to get her things ready this morning? I'm already doing everything else. Anyway, I had one day to get this done and I was not going to spend a lot of money. (Not like I had a lot to spend anyway) My first stop was the Goodwill. I managed to find a pair of black pants and a top for the Cat in the Hat and a red shirt to turn Miss Cate into Thing 2. I then made my way to Hobby Lobby. I absolutely love this store; however, my wallet, not so much. After some searching, between the two, this is what I came out with.
We already had the red pants. I just threw them in to get an idea of what I'm working with. Somehow, I hope to turn these items into the Cat in the Hat and Thing 2 by morning. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What Are We Learning During Black History Month?

Fred Shuttlesworth,(1922-2011), was the pastor of the Birmingham, Alabama First Baptist Church who worked alongside Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He organized the Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights in 1956 and also helped head the movement to integrate Birmingham's schools, offices, and public facilities. This was my latest facebook status as I had declared to not only educate myself and family but all of my facebook world on the great African Americans in history throughout the month. I would highlight many of the achievements and accomplishments of African Americans throughout these glorious 28 days while we as a people celebrated our heritage and African pride.

And then, what? What happens when those 15 minutes of fame are up? Will we as a nation continue to strive and educate ourselves on the great discoveries, oppressions, and injustices of our people or will our interest wane as we prepare for the next more interesting cause or holiday? Probably the latter. I haven't posted a facebook black history status in 10 days, not that I haven't been gathering information, but simply because I had not had the "time." Why, there's the problem. We simply don't have "time" or so we think.

We seem to treat black history month as a distant passer-by rather than a crucial innate part of our own being. We tend to forget the arduous labor that black people had to suffer just to merely exist in society. We forget the sweat, the blood, and tears that they shed and are still shedding which we seemingly take for granted by our everyday nonchalance. Maybe if we didn't, we would take health more seriously, education more seriously, life more seriously.

And just what exctly does black history month teach our children? I've learned about Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks probably every year since kindergarten. Not that they were not astounding individuals and were blessed to have overcome such obstacles, but who else is there? What else is there? What are they learning not through the textbook but through our everyday behaviors and interactions with others. Look at black and white relationships today. Are some closer? Are we farther apart? Why? Are we bringing forth a positive image of African Americans and an understanding of our culture and heritage? We should really sit and ponder these questions and examine what we may be teaching the future generations, black and white.

Black History Month should not just be a month where you can find a surplus of movies on tv, co-starring or casting a host of African Americans actors and actresses. It shouldn't just be a month where we finally display an array of African American books on tables and classrooms shelves. It shouldn't just be this month where discussions are open and welcome. It should be an integrated, continued part of our lifestyles and our living, throughout our days and throughout all of our years. Because Black history is American history and the world wouldn't be the same without it.


Go on shape scavenger hunt. Cut out med. to large shapes and hide them around a room. (We hid them in "plain sight" or "peek-a-boo" places.) Throw in a magnifying glass for fun.
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The shape train

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Educational Websites

Here are some great educational links for interactive games, fun activities, and worksheets. - Free math and phonics worksheets and online activities.

Phonics Games and Worksheets.

Free math worksheets for preschool to 5th grade.
Math worksheets

Free math Games for preschool to 5th grade.
Math games

Preschool worksheets and games.
Pre-school activities

Free Kindergarten worksheets and games.
Kindergarten activities

Greetings Kid Earthlings! -space and science - 17000 FREE worksheets

Gamequarium- The site that swims with learning fun!
Some of the ads on the page are horrible. One was advertised for ridding baby fat in underwear. (cartoon character) Don't know if it's all the way throughout.

Algebra lessons at

Cool math 4 kids at 
Cool Math Games at

Science Monster at

Un- Linked Sites - They have put a spin on some of the regular childhood songs and makes them more groovey. - filled with all sorts of online learning games compiled in one place - some free resources but requires $20/year membership for full access


Ever bought that giant jug of cheese balls? I 1/2 filled the container with water and let Caleb fish out marbles, small teddy bears, and leftover monkeys from a discarded game with a small net. These extremely messy activities are the only way we get homework done.
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Inside, Outside, Upside-down

Rain, Rain Go Away
I Want To Go Outside And Play
These Are Things We Did Today
To Keep Mama's Nerves At Bay.

1. Sort spoons, forks, and butter knives in an utensil tray.(identifying objects, problem-solving, counting)
2. String cheerios on a pipe cleaner.(fine motor skills, counting)
3. Put change in a piggy bank.(fine motor, counting)
4. Dot paint a picture of a car.(with bingo markers from DollarTree)
5. Flashcards - common items and shapes
6. Bowling-water bottles and a basketball (gross motor)
7. Wall tracks- by hotwheels. Kept us busy for a while
8. Hot wheel city- those poor cars didn't realize the city was about to be under attack.
9. We just decided to sort the cars, lay them out and just make a mess.

And then it stopped raining, and we were on our way.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Will I Be The Biggest Loser

I have always been into fitness. I've always exercised and tried to eat right. I was a cheerleader and ran track in high school. I Worked out regularly, ran and played softball during college(not for the school team, they would have sent me home in tears), but now it's a different story. I try. I do. It just doesn't pan out right. I've always tried to use The Biggest Loser as a huge motivator. I will dutifully put on workout clothes and get ready to sweat while watching the show. This is what usually plays out.
I'm pumped. I'm ready. Let's bring sexy back.
20 minutes in. Shoot. I'm tired. These people crazy.
Now, I'm half watching them workout.Hmmm. Did I burn enough calories to eat this?
It's weigh in time. Oh, I bet he lost a lot. He was working hard. Uh-uh. She didn't hardly lose anything. She didn't do much. (Seemingly oblivious to the fact I'm now sitting down eating chocolate doing NOTHING!)
Yep. Hey I did a lot today. I'm tired.(excuses)

And then, the next morning when I'm trying to find something to wear.
Yep. So I have decided, again, to get this show on the road. Broadcasting this news to the world may hold me more accountable. Oh and this scripture. Wish me luck.
What? Know Ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which Ye have of God, and Ye are not your own? 1 Corinthians 6:19


Today I attempted to get back on track with Caleb and his "curriculum." I usually have some form of lesson plans and activities for him. (It's the teacher in me.) Since winter break , we've been all over the place. I decided transportation would be our theme this week. What better way to start than with Daddy' s truck.
He decided to flip the book. I decided to leave it.
As we were reading and getting close to his favorite page, it reminded him that he had torn it out. This then prompted him to go find it because we just can't go on. He found it and the apples on the page reminded him of apple juice. So now he's thirsty. Seems like we are creating a version of, "If you give a baby a book." We read our book and then decided to make a shape vehicle after I called and stupidly asked my husband how many wheels are on a 18-wheeler. Yeah, seriously. I blame this on exhaustion. Is it nap time yet? Here is our finished product. I'm not sure if there's 18 wheels. Try counting with a self-righteous toddler. He did a good job, though I'm still waiting on nap time.

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hair Time

Caitlyn! Come here so I can take your hair down and wash it.
Yep, that's about right. I feel the same way.
Oh boy and now the work begins. Detangle, co-wash, deep condition or leave in, coconut oil, Shea butter and a style I hadn't thought of yet. Pray for us.


Here are a few bows that I've made for Miss Caitlyn. All you need is ribbon, hot glue, buttons or gems and a hair clip.
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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Just A Blue-Grey Day

Trying to get ready to head out in this blue-grey rainy weather. The rain has been a constant the past few days and it's coming down. Wouldn't it be great if you could wave your hand and all your errands were magically done?
I've only just given Caleb a bath and he is now jumping naked on the bed singing "oink, oink, moo, e-i-e-i-o." Then breaks out and starts singing Hallelujah. Different spirit, indeed. Inspite of most, I love rainy weather. I love sunny days too, but I think rainy weather forces us to slow down and enjoy the moments. It justs makes you want to lay back and cuddle vs the constant bustle of activity of a sunny day as you are (me) always looking for something to do next. I think we are going to have one those cuddle, baking, movie watching kind of days. Hope everyone has a great day in a blue-grey kind of way.

Friday, February 22, 2013

5 Things I Hope I'm Teaching My Children

Being a parent is hard. It comes with the toughest job description. God has lent us these children to shape and mold into respectable human beings in his image. We are responsible for leading, directing, caring, teaching and loving these little people from infancy to adulthood without breaking them, too much. Hopefully, one day we can look back and say we did our absolute best as parents and hope our children grow up thankful for the way they were raised. But like any parents, along the way we become nervous, anxious even. We begin to ask ourselves questions. Am I doing all the right things? Am I guiding them on the right path without hindering thier own self? Am I training them to be an independent and confident human being who can thrive in society? I hope so. I think about all the things I want my children to know and be capable of. Therefore, I came up with this list of the things I hope to teach and hope I am teaching my children through our experiences in life.

1. You are not a minority. I thought about this after our Bible Study lesson the other night. To me, the word minority automatically implies less than, few, and living in this world can definately make you feel just that. I want them to know they are not less than or few but of a majority. The Bible says "greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world." As long as they have God in them, they are the majority.

2. The right things about God. I know how this may sound. However, we have a tendency to tell kids all kinds of things about God's grace and mercy but show them another side by our response to situations in life. I hope our response to adversity, love, freindships and everything else shows a mighty image of God. I hope they look at the situations we've been through and overcome and think, "Wow, God is so awesome."

3. Love is an action word. We have a tendency to tell people we love them without a care in the world. We can tell someone we love them and not look at or do anything for them again. It doesn't matter how many times we say or what language we say it in. What matters is how we show it and show it often.

4. Being different isn't so different. Kids, adults, everyone at times gets caught up in the world of conforming, even when we don't even like what we are conforming to. We can easily fall into the trap of being just like everyone else because we are afraid of being different. Different is usually more interesting, more enlightening, more powerful, and more meaningful. Go ahead. Be different.

5. One failed attempt does not mean failure. Or two or three or twenty. We live in this fast-paced world where we forget about patience. We expect everything to happen just like we want it just when want it. When it doesn't, we just give up and say it can't be done. I want them to know you have to work at things, you may have to do something over and over and over again but that doesn't mean it can't be done. It just means you will value it more when it's finally accomplished. And that will be all that matters.
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Learning Books Of The Bible

Write books of the bible on popsicle sticks. Kids can practice putting them in order. Add a magnet and stick on the fridge or magnetic board.
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Feeding The Birds

Yesterday evening the kids wanted to sprinkle bird seeds on the ground for the birds. We went outside and sprinkled them all over the ground and left a few small piles in places. We were hoping some birds would stop by in the morning before school and they would get to see them. When morning came, we didn't see any birds but the kids examined the piles before getting in the car. After dropping the kids off at school, we headed home but not before an emergency potty break at the local fast food resturaunt. Upon getting out of the car, Caleb noticed a bird at one of the piles of bird seeds. I hate that the other two were missing it; however, Caleb was amazed. He likes birds but he is very cautious because they move too fast and scare him. As we got closer, the bird started to fly onto parts of the house. Then, the cutest thing happened. Caleb was standing in the yard with his hands stretched out together saying. "Mone bud, Mone. Mone, Eat." He had the sweetest little expression on his face pleading with the bird to come back. He watched it flutter across the house and fly away before he was ready to come inside. I wish I had had the camera for that one.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bathroom Counter Clutter

Keep small items like flossers and cotton balls in clear jars and don't forget the mouth wash. I hate those bottles.
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The Epidemic That Is SpongeBob

There it is. I hear it. The theme song for SpongeBob. Caleb is singing along, "Bonbob Barebants, Bonbob Barebants." Well, actually he's screaming it. He has learned the song already. The kids don't even get to watch tv during the week but for maybe an hour a day. They can watch when the other one is in the tub and for a little while afterwards. (The weekends are slightly fair-game although we are hardly ever home.) And they always pick Spongebob. I've already limited their consumption of this non-microbial powerhouse. (They are getting some extra time today because I feel like crap and all thier activities seem to need me as the lead character.) Sometimes "Jessie" beats him out but usually it's this bacteria laden kitchen sponge...that talks. And he's everywhere...cups, plates, curtains, bed sets, movies. Everywhere. I hate spongebob. He drives me crazy. Everytime I pass him in a store, I feel like he is mocking me with that, oh-so-stupid laugh! And then there's Patrick. I'm practically ashamed I know their names, the whole cast of characters. But Patrick, Dear Lord. He should have hitched a ride with Dorthy on a quest for a brain. Can you say dumb and dumber? This is a PG kid friendly version of Beavis and Buthead that I'm convinced is going to turn children all over the world into nimkumpoops. Is that a real word? Well, it sounds crazy enough so it fits the profile. What exactly does it teach our children other than to act like complete idiots in public that we will condemn them for later. (or hang our heads in shame) Isn't that why sponges are considered lethal in the cleaning process? You simply cannot be cleaned with something stocked full of potentially hazardous germs. I bet he's in there right now soaking up their neurons. I had once felt like the kids were turning into Spongebob, which led us to take a one month hiatus from his ignorance. Shouldn't you limit your intake of stuff that isn't so good for you? I had to make them promise not to act like him because I was slowly turning into Squidward. What exactly is so appealing about him? He's almost scary looking, creepy even. It's almost as creepy looking as baby alive dolls and the elf on the shelf. Yes, I think they are creepy, cute but creepy. I bet they've all caused a lot of nightmares. It's just weird what grabs kids attention these days. Well actually, kids are just plain weird in general.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Oh Crud, It's Coming

My eyes are turning into leaky faucets, my nose has developed tear ducts, and this brick on my head has more than clouded my judgment. Oh no, it's coming. No doubt contracted by these shopping cart licking, Supermarket Touching Syndrome dust bunnies called children that are floating around the house. I hardly ever get sick. Ever. My mouth is hanging agape because I can't breath through my nose. While I'm slumped in a chair, Aj, out of the blue, asks me where is the best place to search for gold. Talk about random. Do I look like I want to even think about that? At the moment, I could care less. Clearly, we need to discuss sympathy. And what makes being sick even worse is that I don't like taking medicine. Ok, I hardly ever take medicine. What exactly is this feel good drug that I should pump into my bloodstream. If you can cook it up and sell it on the street, it is not for me. We take a pill for everything now, even the tiniest of headaches. If you can't handle a little headache... what are you going to do when life knocks you down? I'll stick to my chicken noodle soup and ginger ale. Oh and a few good movies when the boogers are down for the night. This only means that more than likely they'll be watching me because I won't be able to function. At least not until tomorrow morning, when motherhood calls again. Isn't it wierd how men turn into little babies when they're sick but women turn into super heros?

A Little Piece of Heaven

As I was preparing breakfast this morning, the kids nonchalantly wandered here and there, as if they were actually getting ready for school. Caleb, who had made his way out of bed, was my little helper. I gave him eggs to crack as I watched the thick slime of the egg whites leave a trail down the front cabinets. Motherhood. All of a sudden, I heard AJ yell, "Cate look!" I assumed this was nothing more than a crumpled piece of plastic on the floor, the dicovery of some missing lego piece, or whatever else mundane things that kids seem to be intrigued by. "I know." said Cate. "It looks like you could just walk up to heaven." I went into the family room to see what was so interesting, with Caleb following close behind. Reflecting off the pond, the sun had sent an array of beams cascading through our window. It was a majestic light casting a warmth and glow for all to see. I stopped and stared at my children amazed that they had even taken the time to notice. This parenting thing...maybe I'm doing something right. We stood there in silence and watched for a few seconds. "That's awesome," exclaimed AJ. Indeed. It was.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Apparently There Are Snakes on a Plane- Man Hits Child on Delta Plane

A man. A white man. A drunken white man...This man slapped a baby, a black baby, and called him the N-word. I need to stop right now and give God thanks and praise that I was not the mother of the child on that plane. Because my flesh would have risen out of me like hot lava about to erupt out of a volcano. They would have had to bind, tape and gag me on that plane. Oh and the lawyer is saying this is not a racial thing and her client has some other issues that will come out later. Is that supposed to make what he did ok or a little less brutal? The minute he uttered the N-word, it became a race issue. Let me tell you something, everyone has problems. They are inevitable. Our life is filled with problems and new ones are breeding everyday. I bet he didn't take his "problems" out on a grown man or, better yet, a grown black man and called him that. He decided to take it out on a vulnerable child and his mother. I can't even imagine what was going through her mind while she was coming to the aide of her child. She handled it very well, a little too well. I wished she would have knocked him out, but she did what was right. The hearts of man are already hard to tame but when that heart is tinted with racism against any race, ethnicity, or culture...well, that's not so easy to get rid of. Everyone isn't racist but it is a LEARNED behavior. Be careful what you do. You don't know who or what you may be teaching the next generation. It's a shame it's 2013 and we are not that far from where we started. Racism is just swept under the rug. We pretend it's not there and everything is better until someone lifts it up and exposes it, once again.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Smooth Sailing

I feel so accomplished today. I've gotten so much done and my to-do list is actually completed. That doesn't happen too often. It is usually automatically enrolled in my "roll over plan." Go me! For the most part, the day went unusually smooth. I kept waiting for the storm but it never came. No one was arguing over an eraser, a peice of plastic, or a broken marker top. There were no academy nominated performances from our all-star cast. There were no random potty breaks as I ran errands. That usually sparkes a flurry of activity as I frantically search for the nearest cleanest bathroom before that little bladder bursts. I should have Michele Obama arms as much muscle as I strain to use holding him over a public toilet. The entire day was carried out in a timely manner. We were even on time for Karate after a week hiatus. Actually we were five minutes late, but so was the previous class so were were on time. It felt great. Thank God for that little piece of Heaven.

Keys They'll Actually Like

Have you ever gotten those car flyers in the mail. The ones with the key attached trying to persuade you that you need yet another bill? Before you toss it, save the keys. Little kids love keys and, if any are like mine, they rarely care for the store bought plastic ones. Save them, clean them and make them their own set of keys.
This is one set. The others have been registered with the missing items department.
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Sunday, February 17, 2013


These baskets, if that's what you call them, were 2.99 at kmart. I bought these a while ago but I think they are usually on sale to make way for the more "hip" stuff. We store some of our books here. You can never have too many. We also keep stuffed animals for reading buddies within reach. By the way, I often have small panic attacks if the books are not smallest to largest but jammed packed anywhere in between and the paperbacks and hardcovers are not separated.
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Saturday, February 16, 2013


It is now 5:41am and Caleb has just clocked out. Well, it's about time. I had tried giving him food hoping he would get full and lazy but he wouln't eat much of anything. He did, however, drink from almost every cup in the house. This, then sent us to the potty about 10 times, calling out "shoomp" everytime he pulled his pull up down. He's full of so much energy. We had watched one and half movies that he had absolutely no interest in because he decided to play with his cars and an airplane. Oh, what's that? There is now a calling from the back room. Cate is up with a "stomach ache." What's going on? All we need is a keg and we'll be having a frat party. Oh Lord, please don't let AJ wake up. After taming the tummy, Cate is back in bed alongside Caleb who is refusing to get out. At least he didn't steal her stuffed animals again. I left him in the room and turned off the light. He would come thumping out in a minute. Sure enough, a few seconds later, there he was with some evil plot in his mind to get his drum. Over my dead body. You already won't let me sleep and now you want to start a band at four in the morning. Maybe God was on call when I sent up my prayer request. At this point I have no idea what else to do, so I started cleaning with my trusty assistant. Hey, if you won't let me sleep, you are going to work. I laid out clothes for tomorrow to be ironed. I swept the kitchen, cleaned and straightened the living room, cleaned the bathroom and folded and put away laundry. I folded laundry on the bed while Andre was still sleeping. He had rolled over in his sleep and some of my neatly folded piles fell on the floor. I wanted to kill him. Not really because the laundry had fallen but because he was still asleep. He should take well advantage of this priveledge. Because that's exactly what it is. You know what, he'll be priveledged if he's still alive in the morning! The things we moms go through while sleeping beauty over there hadn't uttered a sound. AJ either. What is it with the male genes? Oh, no. Not again. There is now crying from the back room making its way to my ears. Cate is near hyperventilating. "There's something under my bed," she cries out. Imagination is a few choice words I won't say. I'm tired. I get down on my hands and knees and take a peek, almost afraid something really is under that bed. Is that why Caleb kept looking down that hall and I couldn't sleep? I look. Nothing. Maybe I was more relieved than she was. I tucked her back into bed and read her a story, "Chicka, Chicka, Boom, Boom." Caleb is trying to wipe her tears before he climbs into bed with her again. By the end of the book, Caleb was asleep and Caitlyn was not. No point in going to sleep now. It's almost time to get up. Well, you win some and you lose some.


I roll over. It's 2:36 in the morning. Caleb has his hand down my shirt entangled in my bra strap. These are some of the things they don't tell you about breastfeeding. You will still have a near 2 year old child obsessed with your boobs. But why is this child still awake? We had given up on trying to get him to sleep around 1:00am and just decided to get in the bed. He is now looking down the hallway. I believe he is trying to corrupt any chance I have for being on time tomorrow for Pastor's Anniversary. He would, wouldn't he. I said a silent prayer. "Lord please let this child go to sleep very soon." He keeps sitting up looking and fidgeting. I am beyond exhausted. "Lord did you hear me?" I assume maybe he is hungry. I go to the kitchen and bring him a mini chocolate chip muffin. He happily ate it and drink a little bit behind it. There. That should do it. Pleeeaasse go to sleep. I then started wandering if this was a sign that he was sick or about to get sick. Second Prayer. "Lord please don't let my baby be sick and heal any sickness that may be trying to creep into his little body." I just hate it when babies are sick. They are too little and we are too useless. All we can do is hold them and watch. I really do hate that. He is sitting up again looking down the hallway. What in the world is he looking at?! I look down the hallway. I remember how the older people used to say that babies can see angels and spirits. I'm on my third prayer. "Lord, please don't let me have some "Sixth Sense, Paranormal Child" lying in the bed beside me CAUSE AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!!!!!! Now I can't stop sitting up and looking down the hallway. I didn't even watch Criminal Minds tonight. Great. Just great.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Rekindle An Old Flame

I saw something today that made me think of an old friend. We see each other every now and then but no longer have that steady consistent relationship. So I approached my old friend and made a commitment to be around more regularly.
Yep, my coupon binder. TLC was airing old episodes of extreme couponing which got my juices flowing. After Caleb was born, my use of coupons was at a peak but then started a steady decline. Going to the store with both of them was not easy. I had to choose who would take that coveted seat in front of the shopping coupon binder or my baby. (In that car seat). I had chosen the coupon binder but I had no idea what to do with the baby. He had won. Today I rekindled that old spark, which was actually a high. I gathered my list and coupons and headed to the store.
Not that bad for the week. I was set on 100 though. I'll be working on bringing that down next time.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

What a Valentine Morning

I woke up to the face of a bright eyed toddler, happily lounging in the bed beside me. This soon turned into howls as he needed me to get up and join the world. I could hear the other two were already awake and playing. I tried to lay in the bed for a few more minutes, soaking in this much needed time, but then realized it just wasn't going to happen. Caleb wanted his cup and he always refuses to let anyone else get it in the morning. Well, don't I feel special. After getting dressed, I went to make my special Valentine breakfast for the kids. However, half the ingredients were still waiting for me in the store after an "I want to ride, no walk, no hold me" episode yesterday. I'll improvise. The kids helped me make heart shaped pancakes, and red scrambled eggs, which looked more like they were from a horror movie than for Valentine's Day, and sausage. During our breakfast fix up, Caleb declared his love with a 30 minute opera piece on how he wants me to hold on to him forever. I'm about to burn the pancakes. I finally got breakfast on the table and took a few good snaps with the phone to post. I'm getting ready to post my pictures and there are none. Blank. Maybe because I have 733/733 pictures on my phone. Seriously, who came up with that idea to limit my photography studio time? Who uses the phone to actually talk anyway? Well, we're off to storytime and of course, we're late.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Candy Bouquets

For popsicle sticks, hot glue then tape.
Tape a piece of cardstock, the size of the amount of candy you'll add, to a bamboo skewer. Then glue candy.
Arrange them in your mug.
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AJ's Desk

We try to keep it neat and all the containers/ storage baskets came from the Dollar Tree. But as usual, laziness will kick in and anything will be in those containers.
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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Count And Match

Draw or print hearts on cardstock. Add numbers and dots. Turn them over and play match. Mine have magnets on the back to use with a magnetic board or refrigerator. Easily switch them up and use math facts, fractions, etc.
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I Like Myself

Great book by Karen Beaumont to teach self acceptance. "Inside, outside, upside down, from head to toe and all around, I like it all! It all is me! And me is all I want to be."