Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Little Piece of Heaven

As I was preparing breakfast this morning, the kids nonchalantly wandered here and there, as if they were actually getting ready for school. Caleb, who had made his way out of bed, was my little helper. I gave him eggs to crack as I watched the thick slime of the egg whites leave a trail down the front cabinets. Motherhood. All of a sudden, I heard AJ yell, "Cate look!" I assumed this was nothing more than a crumpled piece of plastic on the floor, the dicovery of some missing lego piece, or whatever else mundane things that kids seem to be intrigued by. "I know." said Cate. "It looks like you could just walk up to heaven." I went into the family room to see what was so interesting, with Caleb following close behind. Reflecting off the pond, the sun had sent an array of beams cascading through our window. It was a majestic light casting a warmth and glow for all to see. I stopped and stared at my children amazed that they had even taken the time to notice. This parenting thing...maybe I'm doing something right. We stood there in silence and watched for a few seconds. "That's awesome," exclaimed AJ. Indeed. It was.