Saturday, February 2, 2013

Peace On Earth?

This is my sweet and precious little guy, Caleb. He'll be 21 months old tomorrow. He is very smart, usually always happy and Potty Trained! Whoop! Whoop! Well, today something happened. I'm almost certain that Caleb awoke from his nap with one of those little devils on his shoulder. You know, like in the commercials, where there's an angel on one and a devil on the other. I'm pretty sure he listened to the little devil, and it took him by the horns of his pony tails and let loose. We were at church for praise dance rehearsal at this time. Usually when Caleb wakes from his nap, he likes to be held. Today was not an exception. Because I couldn't hold him the entire time, this child let loose Fred Flinstone type wails of fury for about 30 minutes. There was no negotiating, no bribery, nothing that would satisfy this little human. Not even mention of the "lollipop." By the time we left the church, I was mentally and emotionally exhausted in a place that calms your soul and eases your mind. Well played, God. Well played.