Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Apparently There Are Snakes on a Plane- Man Hits Child on Delta Plane

A man. A white man. A drunken white man...This man slapped a baby, a black baby, and called him the N-word. I need to stop right now and give God thanks and praise that I was not the mother of the child on that plane. Because my flesh would have risen out of me like hot lava about to erupt out of a volcano. They would have had to bind, tape and gag me on that plane. Oh and the lawyer is saying this is not a racial thing and her client has some other issues that will come out later. Is that supposed to make what he did ok or a little less brutal? The minute he uttered the N-word, it became a race issue. Let me tell you something, everyone has problems. They are inevitable. Our life is filled with problems and new ones are breeding everyday. I bet he didn't take his "problems" out on a grown man or, better yet, a grown black man and called him that. He decided to take it out on a vulnerable child and his mother. I can't even imagine what was going through her mind while she was coming to the aide of her child. She handled it very well, a little too well. I wished she would have knocked him out, but she did what was right. The hearts of man are already hard to tame but when that heart is tinted with racism against any race, ethnicity, or culture...well, that's not so easy to get rid of. Everyone isn't racist but it is a LEARNED behavior. Be careful what you do. You don't know who or what you may be teaching the next generation. It's a shame it's 2013 and we are not that far from where we started. Racism is just swept under the rug. We pretend it's not there and everything is better until someone lifts it up and exposes it, once again.