Monday, February 18, 2013

Smooth Sailing

I feel so accomplished today. I've gotten so much done and my to-do list is actually completed. That doesn't happen too often. It is usually automatically enrolled in my "roll over plan." Go me! For the most part, the day went unusually smooth. I kept waiting for the storm but it never came. No one was arguing over an eraser, a peice of plastic, or a broken marker top. There were no academy nominated performances from our all-star cast. There were no random potty breaks as I ran errands. That usually sparkes a flurry of activity as I frantically search for the nearest cleanest bathroom before that little bladder bursts. I should have Michele Obama arms as much muscle as I strain to use holding him over a public toilet. The entire day was carried out in a timely manner. We were even on time for Karate after a week hiatus. Actually we were five minutes late, but so was the previous class so were were on time. It felt great. Thank God for that little piece of Heaven.