Sunday, February 10, 2013

Going To The Store With Kids - Top 10 Annoying Things

We've all been there. Going shopping with kids. Going with one isn't that bad, but when there's more...uhhhh. They seem to feed off each other, and turn into characters in a Disney musical. They're dancing, singing, jumping, battling mystical creatures. You name it. Of course I am one of the moms who is trying to involve the kids in the grocery shopping process (so they are not as wild), turning the trip into a learning experience. I've even made little grocery lists for each of them, one written out for AJ and one with pictures for Cate. They even had their own little pens to check items off their lists. This was before Caleb. I love knowing they are learning and being involved in the shopping process but truth is, I would just rather go by myself. Especially now. There's one more. It takes less time and planning. So I've created my 10 most annoying things (because hate is such a strong word) about going to the store with children. (My children)

1. Going to the store with children. Why not state the obvious.

2. The mounds of "stuff" they need to bring with them in the car to stay occupied. It will end up on the floor and I will fuss about it later.

3. The fight that breaks out in the back seat because Little C has decided to go Muhummad Ali on Miss C for no apparent reason. But then why does he need one.

4. The damsel in distress cries from Miss C declaring she is dying. I'm thinking, suck it up. How hard can he hit? When actually, he can hit hard. Very hard. Let's stop and check it out.

5. Answering a million questions about the store before we are actually at the store. I'm already on the verge of turning around. Let's get there first.

6. Being in the store and can hardly remember to look at your list because you're looking at children. At least I didn't leave it in the car, again.

7. When one simply cannot walk in a straight line from point A to point B without breaking into a praise dance or song down the middle of the aisle. But didn't God tell us to minister to the people?

8. When the other one cannot simply walk in a straight line from point A to point B without touching EVERY SINGLE ITEM in the store. I'm 99% convinced this is how super bugs are created.

9. When the littlest one has decided (after watching the corrupt minds of thing 1 and thing 2) that he does not want to ride in the buggy that he has cried for, does not want to be held, but wants to run and shout Hallelujah down the aisle , "I'm free." I would rather not be a witness to this testimony.

10. Standing in the check out line praying that I can make it back to the car with my mind still in tact. It won't be.