Thursday, April 17, 2014

Twist And Curl Hairdo

Well this post is from way back when my computer liked me a little more.  This is a twist and curl I attempted to do for the first time a couple of months ago.  As with any new hairstyle, I was afraid of what it might look like.  You know, I feel like I have been misled too.  You know how you watch some videos of people doing their hair and they just take it down.  It's like.... done.  Some don't have to do anything to it.  I have to lift, fluff, separate, rake my

Where here goes.  This is how I achieved this look.

This right here is some probably a month and half past due for washing hair.  It was a very busy time back them.  See little red string in there.  I had started spritzing it with water on one side before I thought...maybe I should take a picture.

First, I spritzed my hair with a mix of apple cider vinegar and water.  I rubbed into my scalp to try and loosen up whatever grit was in there.  I have this fear that I'm going to find a bug or something in my hair now because it's so thick. lol.  Then, I co-washed my hair with Suave naturals Shea butter conditioner.

As chance would have it.  I ended up getting a call and having to run out the door.  So I ended up with a slightly un-detangled dry mass to work with by that evening.  Oh and a length check.

I used a Shea butter mix I made with raw Shea butter, extra virgin olive oil, organic coconut oil, grapeseed oil and castor oil.  I spritzed my hair with a spray bottle filled with water first since it was dry.  I finger detangled and used a wide teeth comb.  Then, I applied the mix to my hair and twisted.  I put a bonnet on and went to bed.

I woke up like dis.  I woke up like dis.  Flawless. Flawless. Flawless.  Flawless.
I decided to put rods in that morning for about an hour and a half.

And then I experimented with BB cream and morphed into Michael Jackson....
This is what my hair looked like after I took the curl rods out and took the twists apart.

This was the finished look after separating the twists.  I have to admit I'm having a lot of fun with my hair and it's also bringing out this new "bold" side of me.  I have a tendency to try clothes and jewelry that I would have never worn before.  It's like "Boom, I've arrived!"  People would always say going or returning to natural was like a liberating experience.  Now, I actually believe them.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Weekend Wonders

Yay! I'm finally getting a post up!  This little booger here has no desire at all to take a nap while we're at home, so we are full throttle all day long.  My fumes are always running low!  He only "chooses" to nap when it's time to get in the car and wait in the car pool line to pick up AJ and Cate.
(their favorite activity)

Jumping Bean Shorts $3, Bailey Boy pants $4, osh kosh shirt $2, Polo shirt $6

So Saturday, a friend and I hit up a children's consignment sale at the fairgrounds.  The kids needed shorts and Caleb needed shoes.  I decided it would be a good idea to go and see what I could find.  I spent a total of $35 ( I still feel like it is tad high- cheap people problems) and Caleb was the clear beneficiary of this sale.  I knew I would be out of luck with AJ.  He's like a grown man now!
Nerf sandals $6 and Adidas $8
I managed to get both of these pairs of shoes for $14!  However, the sandals are a tad bit too small so I decided to give them to my friend.
Gymboree shorts $2 and Bermudas $4
This is what I managed to pick up for Cate.

Afterwards, we stopped by the farmer's market and picked up a few things including the deliciousness of kettle corn.  This stuff should be illegal it's so good!  We all have to find our self control when it comes to the kettle corn.  We did manage to leave daddy that small bag there.  Haha.  The cheese straws were gross, in my opinion.  Aj loved them or either he was just hungry.

After we left the farmer's market, I decided to take the kids to the University Art Festival.  It is a free event that GSU has every year full of art activities for the family.  They also had dogs there for sale.  Caleb has a love hate relationship with anything that moves faster than he does, but he decided to try anyway.
Miss Caitlyn loves animals too.  She even asked her daddy if she could have a pet....since she can't have a sister.  Ummm...
I wish you could have seen my husband's face.  He wasn't quite sure how to respond!


They made some tissue paper flowers and these two needed face paint.
Of course, Caleb decided he needed his face painted as a puppy.  Cate needed to be a tiger...a pink one. 

Standing with cotton candy almost bigger than him brings instant happiness.

And as if all that wasn't enough, we stopped by the bookstore and then went and bought flowers for one of our spring activities.  I didn't know what I was doing any more than the kids, but we tried anyway.  I would love to have a garden the book "The Secret Garden."  I know.  Lord, help me!
Needless to say, I'm pretty sure I was drooling in my sleep after all of this.

Well, today is the last day of school before spring break.  Although I'm smiling now, I'm sure I'll be running towards the brink of insanity by the middle of next week.  We have planned to take the kids to LEGOLAND over the break.  I've read so many mixed reviews, I'm not sure what to think.  However, I think the kids will like it. 
We actually got a deal on the tickets.  We just so happened to stop by McDonalds one day (We had stopped eating there as we are taking more steps towards more organic whole foods.)  There was a little flyer in the happy meal about a partnership with LEGOLAND and McDonalds that one child gets in free with a paid adult.  I had also saw somewhere else that if you saw the movie (we did) you could get $5 off admission into the park, but the McDonalds deal was the best price for us.
The link to the site for the deal is  It says enter promo code 139916.  I don't remember entering a code though to get the deal.  The offer doesn't expire until April 30, 2015.  Without the offer, we would have paid about $100 (including tax) for tickets.  However, we ended up paying about $59 including tax.  So if you've been thinking about going, you might want to check out the deal.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Toddlertivities: What Have We Been Doing?

We've been doing a lot of different activities over the past few months and I've decided to kind of put them all together in one post.

I've been trying to limit my crafts to about two or three a week because we are always drowning in paper.  I know. It's my fault.  It's hard though.  I'm a craft person.

So here are a few of the activities that we've been doing.  We've been skipping through some weeks and not doing much of anything but we have gotten some things done.

Valentine's Week

We did a sensory bin that Caleb loved.  Cate played with it too afterschool as a brain break activity during homework.  We just put some rose petals in water and gave him tongs, a spoon and a bin.  Oh, I'm resourceful too.  These rose petals were used in our wedding 7 years ago. LOL.
Then, we made a cross.  The heart represent the love Jesus has for us. 

The kids all helped making these.  I though the ice storm would keep us out of school for Valentine's day but...nope.  Last minute Valentines for Caitlyn.

Dr. Seus Week:

Gluing strips to make a hat before we just started twisting the glue all the way up.  The storytime craft at the library was also a hat. We are trying to get back to attending regularly because we have been MIA for a good while.
We checked out some Dr. Seus books for the week and tried to do a craft that went along with two of them.

Caleb is adamant that I am reading this wrong and he lets me know it every time I mention it.   It very clearly says. "orange fish, yellow fish, red fish, blue fish"

Caleb's Foot Book. For a whole week, he went around pointing at his and everyone else's feet, saying left foot, right foot.  I don't think he knows which one is which though.

On that Friday we had a Dr. Seus party and we watched The Lorax. 
....and made handprint mustaches.

....and had a "Hop on Pop"  balloon popping contest.  They used their feet, butts, and a chair and still couldn't pop them.  LOL.  The next day they decided to use pencils.

I think we all fell asleep either on the sofa or the floor this night.  I have no idea what happened to Lorax.  So I'm pretty sure I clocked out early.

Emotions Week:
If you're happy and you know it....
I have the cutest little video of Caleb making faces!  I want you guys to see, too.  However, I'm trying to decide if I want to put on youtube.

We always get mixed emotions going to the doctor. Me too.

Emotions Bingo - Cardstock and marbles.  I used happy, sad, mad and scared for our emotions but you could use any that you wanted.  I need to laminate this so it will last.

St. Patrick's Day:
Although I planned some, we didn't do any new crafts for St. Patrick's Day aside from this one.  But here are some from last year.

We also painted and colored number and letter printables from
  Some of the websites we have been on are starfall and  Youtube videos- Pocoyo, Charlie and the numbers

This month we are going to be learning about spring, Easter, and Earth Day.  The weather has been finally turning around over here, so we can go outside more.  It is looking and feeling more like Spring now.  We can finally get out of the house and be more comfortable.  Thank God.