Thursday, April 17, 2014

Twist And Curl Hairdo

Well this post is from way back when my computer liked me a little more.  This is a twist and curl I attempted to do for the first time a couple of months ago.  As with any new hairstyle, I was afraid of what it might look like.  You know, I feel like I have been misled too.  You know how you watch some videos of people doing their hair and they just take it down.  It's like.... done.  Some don't have to do anything to it.  I have to lift, fluff, separate, rake my

Where here goes.  This is how I achieved this look.

This right here is some probably a month and half past due for washing hair.  It was a very busy time back them.  See little red string in there.  I had started spritzing it with water on one side before I thought...maybe I should take a picture.

First, I spritzed my hair with a mix of apple cider vinegar and water.  I rubbed into my scalp to try and loosen up whatever grit was in there.  I have this fear that I'm going to find a bug or something in my hair now because it's so thick. lol.  Then, I co-washed my hair with Suave naturals Shea butter conditioner.

As chance would have it.  I ended up getting a call and having to run out the door.  So I ended up with a slightly un-detangled dry mass to work with by that evening.  Oh and a length check.

I used a Shea butter mix I made with raw Shea butter, extra virgin olive oil, organic coconut oil, grapeseed oil and castor oil.  I spritzed my hair with a spray bottle filled with water first since it was dry.  I finger detangled and used a wide teeth comb.  Then, I applied the mix to my hair and twisted.  I put a bonnet on and went to bed.

I woke up like dis.  I woke up like dis.  Flawless. Flawless. Flawless.  Flawless.
I decided to put rods in that morning for about an hour and a half.

And then I experimented with BB cream and morphed into Michael Jackson....
This is what my hair looked like after I took the curl rods out and took the twists apart.

This was the finished look after separating the twists.  I have to admit I'm having a lot of fun with my hair and it's also bringing out this new "bold" side of me.  I have a tendency to try clothes and jewelry that I would have never worn before.  It's like "Boom, I've arrived!"  People would always say going or returning to natural was like a liberating experience.  Now, I actually believe them.