Monday, May 5, 2014

Caleb Turns Three

On May 4, our big boy turned 3 years old! Can you believe it?! My little bug is growing all up and I am only half liking it.

He was very excited to be turning three and everything you give him needs to come in sets of three...because he's three. Lol.

I made him this number shirt the night before using fabric, adhesive and sew around the edges. He was very happy to point out to everyone that he was wearing a birthday shirt. His birthday was on a Sunday and we decided to let him go like this to church.

So after church, we decided to have an impromptu party. However, not before going by both grandma's houses because they would have likely had a fit if they didn't see him on his birthday. Then because I did some non- expert planning for this birthday, we headed to Walmart to buy gifts that evening.

Our mini party spread.

Of course the cupcakes were the favorite or shall I say the icing. Lol. I've never liked icing. I have to scrape it all off and then eat the cake. Of course the kids think I'm weird.

Then we decided to finally convert the crib into a toddler bed. I've been stalling forever, afraid he was going to fall out and no amount of pillows on the floor would help. To make matters worse, I initially tried to remove the side myself about 40% sure I knew what I was doing and about 100% sure Caleb would have to sleep with us that night. Lol. However, the hubs saved the day.

We bought one of these mesh thingies to keep him from falling out and he has been doing great in his "big boy" bed.

Aren't sleeping babies just precious!