Friday, May 16, 2014

Strange Happenings

What has been going on lately? Well, more like what hasn't been going?
Complete chaos.
I mentioned early on that I'm a secretary twice over. One of those secretaries is for my church and it's been a study stream of overwhelment for the past month.

There was constant going from that and outings with Caleb (guilt from being occupied with that)

Then my children appeared to be in a race to see who could get banged up the fastest. First, Caleb ran into the water fountain at the park...second black eye, attempted to fly across the room from the bed....huge knot on it.

Both have gone down a lot in this picture. However, you can still see a little purple on his eyelid and scratch on the side of the head.

Cate got the stomach virus and was slighly sick for a week. After almost a whole week and it hadn't gone away, I made a doctor's appointment. Of course she got better within an hour after seeing the doctor that Friday. Figures. Then, she ran straight into the open car door last Sunday after church. That was the scarriest thing I had ever seen! She ended up with a big knot and small cut on her forehead.

And to top it off AJ ended up being admitted to the hospital for 5 days and out of school for a total of 7 days with a staph infection in his finger.

There will be a separate blogpost this week about it because there is surely a moral to this story.

Pretty chaotic, huh? To be honest, every single year around time for our church's spring revival....all hell breaks loose. The whole church seems to be under attack. Every year. I kid you not. Oh well. I bind that up! We're still going.

All the minions are doing well and happy and I pray everything calms down for a bit. Well, at least gives us time to regroup. In the meantime, we're going to be of good cheer.