Monday, February 25, 2013


Today I attempted to get back on track with Caleb and his "curriculum." I usually have some form of lesson plans and activities for him. (It's the teacher in me.) Since winter break , we've been all over the place. I decided transportation would be our theme this week. What better way to start than with Daddy' s truck.
He decided to flip the book. I decided to leave it.
As we were reading and getting close to his favorite page, it reminded him that he had torn it out. This then prompted him to go find it because we just can't go on. He found it and the apples on the page reminded him of apple juice. So now he's thirsty. Seems like we are creating a version of, "If you give a baby a book." We read our book and then decided to make a shape vehicle after I called and stupidly asked my husband how many wheels are on a 18-wheeler. Yeah, seriously. I blame this on exhaustion. Is it nap time yet? Here is our finished product. I'm not sure if there's 18 wheels. Try counting with a self-righteous toddler. He did a good job, though I'm still waiting on nap time.

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