Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Inside, Outside, Upside-down

Rain, Rain Go Away
I Want To Go Outside And Play
These Are Things We Did Today
To Keep Mama's Nerves At Bay.

1. Sort spoons, forks, and butter knives in an utensil tray.(identifying objects, problem-solving, counting)
2. String cheerios on a pipe cleaner.(fine motor skills, counting)
3. Put change in a piggy bank.(fine motor, counting)
4. Dot paint a picture of a car.(with bingo markers from DollarTree)
5. Flashcards - common items and shapes
6. Bowling-water bottles and a basketball (gross motor)
7. Wall tracks- by hotwheels. Kept us busy for a while
8. Hot wheel city- those poor cars didn't realize the city was about to be under attack.
9. We just decided to sort the cars, lay them out and just make a mess.

And then it stopped raining, and we were on our way.