Saturday, December 7, 2013

Festive Holiday Decoration Or Cute Gift Idea


I've seen many of the jars covered by candy canes and stuffed with flowers on Pinterest, but I was looking for something smaller to put on the table. I decided to make a smaller slightly different version of the idea.  I bought these little jars at the dollar tree for $1 and a bag of peppermint.  I already had the roses, floral foam, and tissue paper.

I started filling my jar part way with the peppermint.

Cut a small piece of floral foam and wrapped it with tissue paper to place inside the jar.  You want to use a small piece so the peppermint will fit around it.

Start adding flowers.  I used 7 roses in each of my bowls.  I made two.  Then I covered any visible foam with peppermint.

Cute, Simple, and Inexpensive!