Thursday, January 2, 2014

My DIY Natural Hair Oil

 So I've been getting a lot of questions about our hair products and routines. I'm fairly cheap  frugal so I really don't buy a lot of products but there are two that I have been wanting to try.  If I get them, I'll make sure to write a review. 
A while back,  I started experimenting and mixing different things together to work in our hair after trying to figure out what to do with Cate's hair.  I started watching a lot of YouTube videos and reading a lot of articles.  Many of the mixtures use like 8-10 different oils in one mix.  I didn't want to buy all of those, so we initially started out just using three oils and just recently added grape seed oil.
  This is one of the oil mixtures that I put together that works well with our hair. 
It's fairly easy to make.  Here are the oils that I use together.

Organic coconut oil ($6), grape seed oil ($6), extra virgin olive oil ($4), and Castor oil (probably a dollar or two- I don't remember)  All of these oils were bought from Walmart.
 I'm very resourceful too.  My oils travels from the kitchen to the bathroom.  If I'm going to buy it, I might as well start cooking with it too.

I don't measure anything.  I just eyeball it and add try to add equal amounts of each oil in the bottle.  This is all the oils except the coconut oil.

I like to mix the coconut oil up separate to make it softer before I add it to the other oils.

This is what it looks like when you add the coconut oil to the bottle.  By the way, this is just a recycled hair oil bottle.  I like to keep containers to mix hair products together in. This one is like a pump which makes it easier for me to use and makes less of a mess.

Shake. Shake. Shake. 
 Now you're ready to use it.  Before you put any oil of any of your hair, spritz hair with water first.  I work the water into the hair, add the oil and then work it into the hair.  Lastly, we'll seal it all in with the Cantu Shea butter.  This is the famous LOC method -Liquid, Oil, Cream that helps hair seal and retain moisture.  However, the products you use for each letter depends on what you like to use.
Let me know if this helps!