Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What A Day: Part 2

The kids were already bickering when they got into the car as I picked them up from school. I need to invest in a good pair of earplugs. I don't understand how you can have so much to fuss about in two days worth of living. Sometimes I think about dropping them off at the police station on the way home. A little scared straight, hmmm. Just kidding. That would scare the devil out of me too.

And I don't know what was going on during homework time. It was like we were playing "Where in the world is Carmen Sandiago." No pencils, no paper, no AR books. "I don't know where I put it." "Oh, I didn't know we were supposed to be doing homework." Oh, Jesus, help me. I'm already trying to wash a karate uniform top (by hand) that I just washed yesterday because Caleb decided to have a super soaker, juice squeezing party in the backseat. Who in the world came up with the great idea that kids karate uniforms should be white, anyway? The universal death color trap of kid's clothing. You can't possibly expect anything on a kid or youself to stay white for more than 10 minutes.

Realizing that there was no way we were going to make it to karate on time, I decided not to go. We still didn't have homework completed. Tears over sloppy handwriting, pouting over pencils and a toddler stealing spelling words are driving me nuts. I often wonder how I managed to work in the "real world" and keep it together with this circus. It seems now the circus has clearly taken over and the once put together working woman has now been thrown through the ring of fire.

We ended up finally leaving to run errands around 5, praying for smooth sailing. I also needed to wash clothes. I've been going to the laudromat because my poor washer died on me, but we managed to revive it. The day after we did, the dryer died, then about two weeks later the washer finally went on home to be with Jesus. Things always seem to tear up, break down and fall apart when you are working overtime trying to save money. (and get out of debt)

The laudromat was overflowing, and I swore to never go back in the afternoon. (After this weekend, I hope to never return.) While waiting on the clothes, we went to the grocery store. Oh, how I wish I didn't have the kids with me. Everything is so busy today and they were restocking at the store. Bad combination. Caleb insisted on a race car buggy and Aj pushed. After a trip to the potty, we went to turn down an aisle. And this is what did it. The tip of the buggy hit a 5 row freshly stacked wire shelf. I could see it happening. I was watching a horror movie in slow motion and anticipating the downfall of the victim, played by me. I turned and lunged into the shelf, arms outstretched to brace myself and it. I managed to push it back up but not before being swallowed alive by about a 60 bottles of shampoos, conditioners, and hair sprays that my own hair probably desperately needed. Holy Crap. I was at a loss for words. "Lord, what have I done?", I thought. These heathens! And then AJ says, "Whoo, at least the whole shelf didn't fall down."

AAAAAHHHHHHH! Is that called seeing the good in things? I wanted to go off. Somebody was about to hear the message I was ready to deliver. It didn't even matter that it was an accident. All that mattered was that it happened, something else that was going to litteraly send me to nut house. If that wasn't bad enough, in the checkout line Cate started singing Shekinah glory "Say yes." Say yes! Say yes! All I can say is no! My mind says no! My soul says no! Everything is saying no! No I shouldn't have come in here with yall! I should've stayed home and let you eat biscuits and drink water!