Saturday, March 2, 2013

Oh, The Beloved Yard Sale

This morning running errands, I was tempted by all the yard sales we seemed to pass on the way. They seemed to be calling out to me to come poke and prod at any and everything I could find. Even my oldest took notice, and I could tell his hand was itching to check them out too.

I have to limit myself with going to yard sales, because I get too excited. The problem is first of all, I don't need to be spending any more money. I have this master debt reduction plan to reduce as much our debt in the next three years as possible. I am trying to be a good steward with our money in hopes of attaining a couple of acres and a dream house in the country. We'd rather not have car payments and student loans and all those headaches. That takes some real discipline. I'm already kind of cheap so it isn't THAT bad; however, God is going to have to keep a guard at my wallet and at my fingertips. Secondly, I really didn't need nor have room for any more gidgets, gadgets, and whatchamacallits that would likely take over the house just so I could say I got a good deal. Thirdly, yard sales are a pinterest trap. All you can think about is how you can use, fix up and create some marvelous thing out of something you found for five dollars, only to spend about 40 more on paint and craft supplies to make it truly yours.

I drove on by and passed about three more longingly looking out the window. Look at all that stuff, I think. Then, I think of all the stuff I already have and am trying to rid myself of. I've started spring cleaning and oh, Lord, help me. Stuff is so right. I've already dumped three large trash bags and have been to the Goodwill once already. I need to tackle what I have first, and then maybe I'll stop by one another weekend and try to just look. Maybe.