Friday, March 22, 2013

Renewed Life - Toy Edition

Once upon a time, children were content and happy playing with just sticks, mud and rocks outside in the great outdoors.  Over time it's evolved into toys that push, pull, and stack high above the coffee tables and come crashing down like thunder.  And then toy evolution changed again.  The world was introduced to these flashing lights, ear plug causing educational and fun toys.

I do love toys, though.  They do all kinds of fun stuff.  You push a button, turn a knob, pull a switch and something cool happens.  I've bought a few over the years, okay more than a few, and we've had a blast with them.  But over time, like vegetables on a child's plate, some of our toys have been pushed to the side.  They are lying helplessly in bins and baskets praying for someone to lay hands on them and bring forth a renewed life.  There are times where we will reach out to them and bring their problems to the altar.

Behold, the Walking Dead.   No batteries.   Every kind of toy, game, gadget, etc needs some kind of battery.   I dread buying batteries.  And what's even worse, they are not created equal. One size does not fit all- AAA, AA, C, D.  Oh, and let's not forget the little round ones.  They are all adding to my ADD and my DID- Disappearing Income Disorder.   Batteries are expensive especially when everything needs one.  These toys better pray for deliverance.  Shall we?

Let us Pray
Lord, I come before you as a pure of battery acid, humble spirit
I ask that you bestow upon me life so that I may live more abundantly
And in fulfilling my spiritual life
I ask that you not bring death upon the pocketbook of another life.

I broke down and bought some batteries, $16 worth, and here's our happy camper.  He played with this thing all of 3 minutes before he decided it would be better as a seat.  Of course, I snapped a picture.  Kids, I tell you.