Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What A Day

It's been some kind of day and it's not even over yet. I woke up at 7 this morning because the alarm (my phone- used for everything but communication purposes)is apparently going through some kind of phase with the time change. It currently reads 7:04a.m. The alarm just went off an hour ago. Thanks. I've taken the battery out and it is still confused, so we were 20 minutes late to school. Then, Caleb and I turned into the actual art project for the day as he covered himself (in 5 seconds flat) in green paint we were using to make a handprint shamrock, that doesn't look like one. Wardrobe change.

I later attempted to clean up while he attempted to reorganize what I was cleaning up. Okay, we are just going to sit down for now and do our "circle time" activities. He hurried off to the kitchen and retrieved the marshmallows (his rewards). I was still sleepy. I wondered why God decided we needed to "Spring Forward." We get too comfortable in the same place, maybe, same situations, same problems.

Snack ended up burried in the carpet becuase we can't be still. Then, he had yogurt down the front of his shirt which I then spilled down my pants leg and the floor because the little munchkin decided to bite a hole in the middle of the gogurt. Another wardrobe change.

I needed to run errands but by the time I had changed Caleb's clothes twice, cleaned the potty, changed my clothes, gathered up clothes to wash, vacuumed and packed his bag, I was tired and ended up staying home. After playing on starfall.com and reading baby Moe (Story of baby Moses- Caleb's new obsession), we were ready for a nap. Thank God.

I would have liked to took a nap during this time, but instead I tormented myself by remembering everything I still had to do.