Monday, March 11, 2013

I Do This And No, I Don't Feel Guilty

Okay, I have another Top 10 list, well 11 list.
We all do things that we are guilty about later, but what about the things we do that we are not guilty about. These are some of the top 11 things I do and I don't feel guilty about doing them. Maybe I should, though.

1. Letting my kids play Ruzzle as a literacy activity.

2. Using those address labels that come with donation pleas without donating.

3. Hardly ever cooking breakfast on Saturdays. They can eat cereal.

4. Using my phone as a game system rather than for communication.

5. Getting a magazine just to go to the bathroom.

6. Going to the bathroom just to read the magazine.

7. Giving the kids chores that I hate doing. They help create the mess, don't they.

8. Waiting until the kids go to bed to fix a bowl of ice cream or eat cookies simply because I don't want them to eat it all.

9. Telling the kids their clothes don't match, even when they do, because I'm not sure I like what they're wearing.

10. Getting the husband to watch the kids while I go to the store, just so I can blow the speakers out in the car.

11. Bringing toys and bubbles to the doctor's office that usually ignites a riot in the waiting area. They should have a child's play zone in there. Apparently, someone has not "waited" with a toddler.

Of course, there are more. Probably a whole lot more, but these are just a few. What are yours?