Monday, November 25, 2013

DIY Turkey Shirt

Well, I have said I was going to make the kids a turkey shirt for a while and have never gotten around to doing it.  My pinterest board is full of  "I think I can" projects and I've only done maybe five of them. lol  So I finally decided that I was going to make one and this is how it turned out.

Brown, red, and orange felt,
Sewing machine or needle and thread,
Heat n bond,

First I free handed a turkey body on brown felt.

I cut out two but put the other one to the side.  You won't need it now.

I cut 7 inch pieces of ribbon.  I folded them in half and started playing with the colors and settled for this combination.

This had to be the trickiest part - pinning the ribbon in place without moving them around too much. It took me a while to do this because I kept accidentally moving the ribbon.   I decided to pin it from the front.  It was easier.

I began to sew around the turkey to hold the ribbon into place.  I hand sew it, not because my stitch is perfect, but because I was home alone and just had the time.

Next, I took the second turkey body and ironed a pieces of heat and bond on the back.

I put the second turkey body on top of the one with ribbon attached and ironed it together.

Next, on the same side, I just cut a piece of heat and bond and ironed it on the back.  You can just cut the shape of the turkey body but I found that kind of hard being that it was already attached.  So I just cut a bigger piece.

Then I flipped it over, positioned it on the shirt and ironed it down.

I drew and cut out the shapes for the face on felt.  I ironed them on to the heat and bond and cut them out.

I ironed them on to the turkey and was done.  I didn't stitch around the parts.  I just left it as it was.

And here's Miss Caitlyn in her turkey shirt!  She loved it!
Now I've got to make Caleb one.  He is going to have a handprint turkey shirt.  Hopefully, I'll make it before Thanksgiving.