Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Are You Using Starfall.com For Your Child?

So I have been completely slack on posting any type of activity that we've done all last month, but we're still learning everyday.  I've actually been slack a lot.  Just as soon as the cooler weather set in, I was like "let's cuddle."

Today I'm sharing one of the websites that I like to use with Caleb.  It is one of my favorites and I've used it with all three kids.  If you haven't already heard of starfall.com, this is just a brief summary of it.  The website is basically phonics and phonemic awareness based.  The activities are to encourage and promote reading development and it is geared toward pre-k to second grade children.
Some of the activities are free but if you want to unlock more, there is a fee.  I'm not sure what it is, though.

This is what the homepage looks like.  You can click on any of the activities.  It starts as a progression of learning the alphabet sounds, to putting the sounds together to make words, and then slowly reading.

You can access all of the letters of the alphabet. 

When you click on a letter, there is a short "lesson" and activity to go with each letter.  Once, the kids have been on it for a while, they'll be able to navigate it on their own.  Caleb, at age 2, can go through the exercise on his own and doesn't need any help from me at this point.  We use it almost everyday and usually pick a letter a week. 
This is the activity at the end of the letter A exercise.  You click on the letters on the tree and put them in the correct basket.
There are a list of short stories to read.  Your child can click on a site word and read with the story. Occasionally, Caleb will want to "read" a story.  If you click on the words, it sounds them out and reads them for you.

There are also some other activities, and songs that you can click on.  Most of these are through the premium (paid) subscription.  However, if you click on on category, numbers for instance, you will be able to do number zero and one.  The ones that are highlighted will be the free ones. 

We don't have a paid subscription, but we use the activities available. I think it's a great website for the kids. Check it out at www.starfall.com