Thursday, November 21, 2013

What Almost $50 Bought Me On Clearance At Walmart!

I think I've mentioned that I'm pretty frugal.  I like shopping but I don't like to spend a lot of money. 

The other day I went into Walmart to buy some stuff for my hair that is past due for washing and deep conditioning.  And I just haven't had the time or energy to do it.

I was also looking for some inexpensive items to put in our shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child, and to see what they had on sale for Christmas. 

I've always known about Walmart's clearance section and always stop by to check it out.  However, this day I saw my cousin in law in there and she was telling me about some baskets she had gotten.  So we ended up back in the clearance section looking for deals when the guy working back there mentioned that the items were 75% off their clearance price.

What!  That was music to my ears!

I spent so much time in Walmart, when I left I didn't remember where the car was parked or if I had even driven one. lol

So these are some pics of all the things I've managed to get in the trips because I went right back the next day and they had added more items.  I spent a total of $81.81 on everything pictured on this post.  The clearance items totaled at 53.30.

The hot pots -1.50 each are for the grandmas,
the paints - .62 each
toothbrushes -. 22 each
mini shampoos/conditioners -. 25/ .37 each
Leapfrog dry erase printing packs -.72 each
Box of neon glue sticks - .38
Triple tip markers - 1.00 each
glitter glues - .75 each
sticker album- .63
art box - 2.50
LED flex lights -.75 each
Pumpkin salt and pepper shakers - .57
And the candle holders (1.00 each),
 tablecloth I bought for myself costing .75

Most of these things will be for our shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child that we will pack and drop off tomorrow.  A few will be stocking stuffers and the art box is for Caleb.


This was a part of the first shopping trip. None of this was on the clearance but this was stuff I came in to get.  I used a few coupons on these except for Cantu and deep conditioning packs. So this is extra, but I used 10.01 in coupons.


  I went back the next day to see if they had added anything else to the clearance section.  They did!

  • Vanilla hand soaps - .87 a piece. These will be teacher gifts this week. I usually go to bath and body works and get soaps/lotions for teachers but .87 times 6 sounds so much better than $3-5 times 6.

  • The 3 piece comforter set (5.25) and quilt (8.75) will also be Christmas gifts. I really wanted that quilt for myself, it was just too pretty.  Of course, I had absolutely no use for it and didn't need it, so I only got one.

  • The turtle stuffee with blankee were 2.50 and is for Caleb. (Christmas)

  • Those big notebooks (2) were 1.75 each. Decided to get those ahead of time for school. This was one of the one things AJ wanted for school this year and it costs me 10.00 - that was the lowest price I found

  •   toothbrushes - .24 (stocking up)

  •  sticker sets. -.63/ .75 (OCC)

  •   3 piece flexi cutting board - .75 (me) - Funny thing here, I was just in the store looking for cutting boards.  I don't have any and the kids always help in the kitchen.  I looked in two stores and was like, "I don't want to pay for that."

  •  kitchen utensils ( half of my measuring cups are gone) - .75 (me)

  • bead kit - .75 (stocking stuffer)

    The tablecloth is on the table.
    I'm on a high. 
    Fabulously Frugal