Monday, November 18, 2013

International Festival, Fall Festival and A Baby!

I hope everyone had a good weekend.   We had a very busy one so I decided to bore entertain you with ours. 

For the past two weeks, we have been working on a project for the University International Festival.  Trying to help a 6th grader that "knows everything" is a challenge.  lol  It has been a bit of a pain, but we finally finished and it was ready to go.


Saturday was the International festival.  There were people and schools there representing many different countries.  I've always been fascinated by other cultures and the kids were very interested as well.
Our school 6th grade students represented Canada.


AJ educating "tourists" on Canadian trade.

The kids were panning for gold.

England- We were greeted by guards


AJ did not want to leave at all, but I was taking them to the school fall festival.  Of course, he's pretty much grown out of that, so he really didn't want to come.  So I left him and his dad and took the other two to the fall festival.

Cate ditched me when we got there to hang with her best friend.  So I spent my time running behind Caleb.  He had a blast and a meltdown when it was over.  We had missed nap.
Miss Caitlyn and her bestie

We had to do this like 20 times.

We stayed after it was over to help clean up.  I had volunteered to man a game booth but it took us too long to get there from the International Festival so I decided to be part of the clean up committee. 

Because we were so full of exhaustion energy we headed back over to the International Festival for more fun and to meet back up with the other halves. 

AJ resting in Saudi Arabia

Because I wasn't paying attention, I let Cate get out of the car with a trash bag half filled with kettle corn. Sinfully delicious.  I had to stay away.

Hawaiian dancers

Thanks to ackeeandmangu for suggesting the leggings with this dress!  I never wear leggings and I honestly was just going to give the dress away because it was too short.

We also helped to clean up here when it was over.  I should count this as a workout.  I was so tired I went to sleep sitting straight up on the sofa, computer in lap. lol

I had really wanted to go and see The Best Man Holiday that night but we were completely exhausted and the hubs had to get a tire fixed on his truck.  Hopefully, we can go and see it next weekend.  Everyone keeps talking about how good it is.  It's driving me crazy!


Sunday our church traveled to South Carolina to sing.  I still haven't rejoined the choir yet, although I sometimes practice with the praise and worship team.  Pastor preached on how we as Christians sometimes try to make things fit with us (in our lives) that just don't go.  She always delivers a great message.

Previously taken pic of my wonderful Pastor.  I take pictures all day long of everybody.  It's part of the reason my phone is going haywire.
Babies!  Babies!  Babies!
 After we made it back home, we went straight to the hospital to visit the newest member of the family.

Our little cousin Jada arrived yesterday. She is precious!
I bet you thought I was making an announcement, didn't you!
However, I have been in contact with way too many bittie babies all week.  I literally have baby on the brain. 
 Especially since this one is all "I already know how to do it, mommy!"  with his hand all put up like a stop sign every time I try to help with anything.


It's was a busy fun weekend as usual.  How was yours?  Did you see the Best Man Holiday?