Friday, April 5, 2013

Fitness Friday- The Assessment

Thank you guys for tuning in for the first and new segment of Fitness Friday, not because I am actually fit but because the alliteration is so appealing.

Sometime, way back when, I had shared my biggest loser post about my struggle with getting into shape.  Well, after that post, I was all into whipping myself right....for about 3 weeks straight.  Then, it started tapering off for a while.  I started working out a little less.  I had backslid.  Isn't Jesus married to the back slider, though?  I was, however, still eating better.  Not a complete failure.

So I needed to asses some things.  I needed to check myself.  What is constantly trying to hold me back from the cover of Fitness Magazine? 

Problem #1 - No energy
Solution - Go to bed earlier, stop trying to do everything, it's okay if the kids are making a mess, leave it

Problem #2 - A jealous toddler
Solution - Wait until he is asleep

Problem #3 - There is so much I should be doing while the baby sleeps - clean up,exercise, laundry, working, showering, resting, paying bills, and blogging of course.
Solution - Something is just not going to get done.  The shower isn't one of them.

Problem #4 - We are hardly ever home. (irony of a stay at home mom)
Solution - Unless I get a Fred Flinstone car that I have to run in and burn those calories,  I haven't found a solution yet.

Problem #5 - Sweet tooth mouth
Solution - Stop buying it!!  Duh!  Well, I have to admit this sucked.  There's nothing like wandering into the kitchen at 10:30p.m. looking for sweet snack and realizing you didn't buy anything.  It helped though.

Problem #6 - No concrete schedule - just saying it wasn't enough.  I needed to see it: the what, when, and how.
Solution - It is in my calendar like bills. ( I'd like for those to disappear .)

Problem #7 - No time
Solution - Well, we make time for something we really want.  Don't we?  Hmm..Excuse for me time?  WHOO- HOO!  I really do need that.

It actually hasn't been that bad.  So every Friday, I shall dutifully post my success, fails, encouragement, sarcastic rants, Godly motivation, workouts, eating habits - the good and bad (hopefully there won't be too much bad), and whatever I'm feeling on this journey to being a better me hot mom.  Sounds better, I think. 

So remember:  Mind over matter and cupcake and cookie and ice cream and chocolate.  There.  We can do it.  Well, you're probably already doing it.  I'll play catch up. 

Have a great weekend!