Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Touching the Afro

Well, I've finally resurfaced.  My back has been a mess to deal with and then my husband came home with a toothache yesterday.  He couldn't find an emergency dentist on the road and had to suffer.  We were both quite a pitiful pair!  But through it all, I managed to laugh.  You have to sometimes... to keep from crying. 

But AJ was the source of my laughter yesterday and I couldn't stop.  I hope this doesn't offend anyone. 

As you've read before, AJ has been growing his hair out.  He wants to look like the karate kid.   He recently had his hair braided but now he is wearing his hair in a little afro.  Well, yesterday when I picked him up from karate class, he had this perplexed look on his face.  Before I could ask him what was wrong, he told me.  "Mama,  why does everyone want to touch my hair?"

I burst out laughing because I knew where it was going.  His karate class and just about the whole building is predominately white.  There are about 5 total black families in the whole school that I've seen. I said,. "I bet it's the white people isn't it?"  He was like YYYYEEEAAAHHH!


I couldn't stop laughing.  He said they just keep wanting to touch it and feel it and they just stare at, especially when I combed it out one time.  This reminded me of Cate.  When Cate is wearing afro puffs, I have seen one pat her on the head like a dog to feel her hair.

I told him that they were just curious and probably not used to seeing black hair like that, especially in its natural state.  He said, "Oh."  I could see his mind working and then he said, "Why don't we go around touching their hair?"  I'm still laughing.

I said maybe we just don't care to.  We're used to it. Even though, we are all pretty much obsessed with hair, one way or the other.  Just ask before you touch.