Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Therapy Session

They're mind blowing little geniuses.  They're little Picassos that color on your walls.  They're interrogators for my scattered brain.  Kids are a little bit of everything rolled up in pint size clothes, untied shoes and most of the time covered in dirt.  (Usually happiest this last way)  Stress Inducers and Stress Relievers.  They can make you feel like you've butchered your marbles and are in need of an immediate psych evaluation.  Then, completely do a 360 and help you reach that place of Zen.  Spurred by an old episode of Everybody Loves Raymond ( I love this show) when the family ended up in therapy,  I came up with this.   

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1.  They often make me want to sit down and talk about it.  (the good, the bad and the ugly)

2.  They ask me questions I don't know the answers to or not quite understand. ( Why aren't dinosaurs in the Bible? AND Ma, where is that thing that makes the yellow thing turn?)

3.  They tend to make me face my fears.  (Ma, there's a spider by the door!)

4.  They provide some form of relief, usually comical. ( This doesn't look like invisible tape.  I can still see it)

5.  They usually make me evaluate every decision I've ever made.  (a toddler with a sucker, Chuck-E-Cheese and a play dough)

6.  When we part, I'm usually thinking about our time together.  ( I wonder what those little monkeys are doing.)

7.  They have made me skilled at the art of practicing anger management.  (  Just breathe and count to 10)

8. They often cause me to improve and evaluate my communication skills ( When I count to 3, those books better be off that floor.  OR  Don't want to clean up.  I'll just set this bag of toys in a trash bag by the door.  That should get the message across.)

9.  They encourage me to set new goals, some unattainable.  (  I will make those 2 dozen cupcakes for the bake sale, show up exactly on time and look completely fabulous.)

10.  They often strengthen my relationships with God. ( Lord, have mercy,  I know children are a blessing but please give me the strength to get through this day.)