Monday, May 13, 2013

Coupon Haul

Maybe one day I will struggle and strain down the grocery store aisle pushing a two ton shopping cart overflowing with enough food and products to end world hunger.  Maybe I'll unload all my precious cargo onto a two short conveyor belt and hand over a bucket of coupons to a disgruntled and "oh, why did you have to come to my line?" cashier.  Maybe I'll even happily exit the store with a wallet intact from only paying $4.39 for $1500.00 worth of groceries.  Maybe one day, but not today or this weekend.  But here's what did happen.

 Tip - Leave husband at home.  Dollar General Trip -  Buy Stayfree and get a carefree free.  Had 2 $1 coupons for stayfree.  VanCamp's 5 for $3 - had 3 $.35 coupons. Husband threw in bandaids and duck tape for an extra 4.50.  I would have only paid a little over $5. 
total - 10.21
Bi -Lo Trip - Special K - 2/$5 - 2 $.70 coupons, tissue 3.99 - $1 coupon, juice $3- $1 coupon, zest $2- $1 coupon, hormel complete 3 for $9 - $1 coupon off each, Ice cream BOGO -$1 coupon off each, Cream cheese $2- $1 coupon, shaving cream - $2- .70 coupon, dryer sheets 2.99- $1 coupon, toothpaste BOGO- no coupons
All of the prices listed on both pictures are before the coupons are taken off.
 Just realized the picture cut off the total -Total paid 23.94
Hopefully the money saved from couponing and my other tactics will get us quicker out of this debt dungeon in about 3 years.  Most of it, anyway.  The quicker, the better.   
The enemy seems to be hell bent on making us stagnant, but I bind up all those spirits in the name of Jesus and I decree that we will be prosperous in every aspect of this life! 
Happy Couponing!