Friday, May 10, 2013

Fitness Friday


Only 2.5 miles this week.  Not happy about it.  I've been on the go most of it.

I've found myself doing random sets of 50 squats and jumping jacks throughout the days due to guilt from my lack of time.

I helped mama move and unpack for two days.  Can I count that?

Did this mini workout three times this week.


I've been adding back more food to my diet.  (I'm actually eating more of the food that I'm cooking.)   In the beginning, I tried to eat only soups, salads, fruits and veggies to "jump start" my fitness journey.   However, these last two weeks I've been adding more food.  So I won't be posting whole lists from now on.  Is anybody relieved? 

I've been good about not snacking AND eating off my tot's plate. I only had a few slip ups. My sweet tooth mouth is still there.  I tried to find sweet snacks or add some slightly sweet but slightly healthy food like peanut butter and Nutella.  Surprisingly, I haven't eaten any this week though.  I did eat a cookies and creme bar, but gave each child a row so I didn't eat it all.

I am noticing maybe a little bit of a slimmer fit in my jeans.  There is usually no need for a belt but I have been wearing one lately and it's not for fashion purposes.  I haven't been back on a scale.  I actually don't own one.  I'm afraid I'll become obsessed with a number.  You know how you weigh yourself before you workout, then after the workout, then during the day, and probably before you go to bed?  Okay maybe that was just me.

I should have posted some pics by now.  I started with a "1st day pic" and then forgot to take a 1st month pic.  It's probably around day 40 or so now.  I haven't added it up, but I may still post the pic. I don't like those random numbers like that, though - Day 1, Day 45, Day 63. lol.

How many days do you have to do something before it becomes a habit?